A Newspaper Question …

San Francisco State University estimates that 1/3 of employed Americans are in “marketing or marketing-related” jobs. And the Metro Denver Economic Development Council’s calculates that there are 1.46 million employees in the Denver metro area. Combine the two, and it means that metro Denver has nearly 500,000 people who are in marketing or marketing-related positions. A half-million. So why are the Denver Post and Rocky Mountain News so indifferent about covering the business of marketing?

‘Beijing … We Have a Problem’

China’s Ministry of Propaganda is alive and well. We feared things would slow down in Asia after the Olympic Games, but the same person responsible for promoting the Olympics (see buck-teeth little girls and CGI-aided opening ceremonies) is helping out on China’s space efforts. No need to worry, however. We expect that PRSA will soon send a registered letter to Premier Jiabao asking China to abide by the PRSA Code of Ethics in its space communications.

Andrew Hudson Resigns Position to Focus on Jobs Site

Those of us who have been in Denver for a while have watched with amazement as Andrew Hudson built what started as a small email distribution list into the full-blown marketing jobs machine we now know as Andrew Hudson’s Job List. During that run, we have seen Andrew move from the Wellington Webb administration to Frontier Airlines to ARCADIS. But Andrew has now resigned his position at ARCADIS to devote himself full-time to his jobs site. Penny Parker at the Rocky has the details. We’re big fans of Andrew and his site, obviously, and we wish him the best of luck.

PRSA’s Julin: Grandstander or a Pollyanna?

We were amused when we first read that PRSA CEO (and MGA president) Jeff Julin sent registered letters to the McCain and Obama campaigns requesting that they commit to “a clean and fair campaign.” Julin’s letters read, in part, “The use of innuendo, incomplete information, surrogate messaging and character attacks, whether in political discourse or other forms of commercial free speech, raises serious concerns for our organization.”

These letters beg the question: Is Julin just grandstanding, or is he a pollyanna who is woefully ignorant of our country’s 200+ year history of brutal, negative campaigning. Think McCain and Obama are bad? Try Jefferson and Adams. Democracy has always been a blood sport.

But our amusement level went up today when we read Mark Harden’s Denver Business Journal follow-up article on Julin’s efforts. Apparently no one at either campaign is taking the letters seriously, and PRSA is now flailing about “trying to identify contacts [with the campaigns] who could run it up the flagpole.” Replace “run it up the flagpole” with “return our phone calls or emails” and that sounds about right. The lesson: Being irrelevant is bad enough, but proving it so publicly is worse.

GroundFloor, JW and XStatic Lead PRSA Gold Pick Awards

PRSA Colorado has posted the winners from Thursday’s Gold Pick Awards, and we have used a proprietary and highly sophisticated formula (two points for a gold, one point for a silver) to determine which agencies fared best:

1. GroundFloor Media (10 points) – Three gold, four silver
2. JohnstonWells (9 points) – Four gold, one silver
2. Xstatic (9 points) – Four gold, one silver
4. Linhart (8 points) – Two gold, four silver
5. Carmichael Lynch Spong (7 points) – Two gold, three silver
6. Schenkein (6 points) – Two gold, two silver
7. 104 West (5 points) – Two gold, one silver
8. Pete Webb (4 points) – One gold, two silver
9. Bawmann Group (3 points) – One gold, one silver
9. Philosophy (3 points) – One gold, one silver
11. CCS (2 points) – One gold
11. Metzger (2 points) – One gold
11. VisiTech (2 points) – One gold
14. Cutter (1 point) – One silver
14. Vladimir Jones (1 point) – One silver

Also, congratulations to the big award winners: Colorado State University, Colorado Springs Utilities and WhiteWave. And to Xstatic’s Amanda Clark and Scott System’s Liz Pope, both of whom won 2008 Rookie of the Year awards.

(Our apologies to Liz Pope for initially omitting her award, and our thanks to Kristy Bassuener for pointing it out).

Rocky Reporter Reveals Man-Crush on ‘Dog The Bounty Hunter’

Check out today’s awkward “Dog The Bounty Hunter” lovefest by Bill Scanlon in the Rocky. Our favorite snippets:

“Duane ‘Dog’ Chapman … sports a look that is a cross between pirate and romance novel cover stud. A sparsely buttoned shiny black shirt allows glimpses of his pecs; he has platinum blond shoulder-length hair that never quits. He’s buff, tricked out and can look very menacing when he’s not smiling or laughing.”


WSJ Quotes Metzger in Online Retailing Article

John Metzger of Metzger Associates was quoted in today’s Wall Street Journal discussing wholesale companies that are setting up online shops to target retail customers. For non-subscribers, John’s contribution was

“Wholesalers new to the e-commerce world need to make a strong investment in infrastructure that supports all aspects of customer service, technical support, product support, returns,” says John Metzger, chief executive of Metzger Associates, a Boulder, Colo., communications firm that helps companies create online business strategies.

Whereas retailers wouldn’t typically fuss over one or two broken items in a large shipment, he says, “if something is broken, the consumer expects it to be fixed right away and they want someone to help” them fix it.

Coloradans Richer Than Us

Forbes is out with its list of the 400 Richest Americans, and the Colorado component looks like this:

  • Charlie Ergen, EchoStar, $8.1 billion
  • Phil Anschutz, Qwest, $8.0 billion
  • James Leprino, Leprino Foods, $2.3 billion
  • John Malone, Liberty Media, $2.3 billion
  • Pat Stryker, Stryker Corp., $1.8 billion
  • Tom Marsico, Marsico Capital Management, $1.5 billion
  • Steven “Steve” Silvers, GBSM, $1.2 billion*
(*Denver PR Blog estimate based on Steve’s stylish wardrobe and frequent use of big, fancy words)

Bad Pitch Blog’s Top 20 Posts

Bad Pitch Blog lists its Top 20 posts:

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Congratulations! Your Social Media Plan Meets SMAC Standards

Sure social media is interesting and can be effective. But it has been missing something. We had trouble putting our fingers on it, and then it hit us: it has been missing a regulatory oversight body. You know, an organization that can deliver the kind of standards that will prevent the confusion that has reigned over the industry. Now we all can know that blogs are Web 2.0, podcasting is Web 2.1, Vlogs are Web 2.2, Twitter is Web 2.3, etc. And because Richard “Head” Edelman is involved, we can be assured it will be “authentic.”

MillerCoors’ Next Product Extension: Rohypnol Light

MillerCoors’ new alcoholic energy drink Sparks Red is creating red flags with attorneys general across the country. So far, 25 AGs (AsG?) have signed on to an effort to stop MillerCoors from distributing the Red-Bull-with-Vodka alternative, citing the negative health effects and the dangers of combining caffeine with alcohol.

Said New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, “By introducing Sparks Red, a higher-alcohol-content and even more dangerous version of its Sparks product, MillerCoors is demonstrating an utter disregard for the safety of young consumers.”

104 West Sponsors M&A/IPO Luncheon

104 West Partners and the Rocky Mountain Venture Capital Association are sponsoring a luncheon next Wednesday (Sept. 24) at 11:30 a.m. at the Denver Chophouse and Brewery. The luncheon will feature Kevin Tice and Ed Maguire of Merrill Lynchs Global Technology Investment Banking Group who will discuss the current climate for technology firms in the M&A and IPO markets.

Expect Layoffs As Part of the Fox31, CW2 Deal

The consolidation continues. Fox31 and CW2 today announced a “marketing agreement” effective Oct. 1 that will have the two stations sharing news, sales, operations and engineering services. CW2 also will relocate from its Greenwood Village headquarters to the Fox31 building downtown. Fox31 GM Dennis Leonard confirmed what everyone already knew: layoffs are coming. Said Leonard: “(We are) evaluating how things will change, (including) evaluating the talent and people we have on both sides.” 

Interestingly, neither Fox31 or CW2 has the news on its Web site yet, but you can see the coverage here: Denver Post, Denver Business Journal, 9News, MediaWeek, Westword.

Denver PR Jobs

There are lots of jobs this week, even if the salaries are skewing a bit low. Among those hiring are CaridianBCT, Colorado Outward Bound, EnCana, Kiewit, Memorial Health Center, MWH, Naropa University and the Seniors Resource Center. If you are in Colorado Springs, or you enjoy driving Monument Hill, there are a few jobs open down south: Pikes Peak Behavioral Health Group, Memorial Health Center and ITT. And if you are a feeling lucky (and are a contrarian at heart), you can buck the journalism-to-PR trend and consider positions at the Colorado Springs Gazette and the La Junta Tribune Democrat.

Denver PR Moves

  • JohnstonWells hired Blake Jackson as senior associate, and promoted Sarah Cullen to senior associate. Jackson formerly was a sports reporter at The (Oklahoma CIty) Oklahoman. 
  • Guttau Public Relations hired Teresa Tuschhoff as account manager and Sarah Plath as account coordinator. Tuschhoff formerly was development director at the Matthew Shepard Foundation, and Plath is a former intern with Guttau.

Rocky Slammed for Twittering Three-Year-Old’s Funeral

From the You-Can’t-Make-This-Stuff-Up file: The Rocky Mountain News is taking a lot of heat in the journalism community for providing real-time Twitter updates from the funeral of the three-year-old who was killed last week at the Aurora Baskin Robbins. Twitter updates. From a funeral. For a three-year-old. Apparently the Twitter fever Rocky editors and reporters got during the DNC hasn’t yet faded.

More Denver PR Wins (and a Couple of Hires)

  • 104 West Partners has added three new technology clients: HiveLive, Global Technology Resources Inc. and Transverse.
  • Xstatic PR has added two new healthcare clients: Oncure Medical Corp. and Quantix. Xstatic also added Sasha Tinkham to its staff. Tinkham formerly was with Schenkein and Lois Paul & Partners in Boston.
  • Voca Public Relations has added Julie Bielenberg and Riegel “Reggie” Brasseux as senior account executives. Bielenberg formerly was managing editor of Colorado Homes & Lifestyles and Brasseux formerly was at Fletcher Group.

LoDo? LoDon’t.

JohnstonWells is looking pretty foolish these days. Sure, it it was able to secure a really cool building for less money than it was paying for its Writer Square digs, and, sure, the building is in a great location tucked between Larimer and Market on 15th Street. But did Gwin really perform her due diligence? If she had, she might have realized that LoDo is so over, and that this is the next real-estate hot spot.