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Trippe & Co. Offering Internet Marketing Seminar

Trippe & Company is teaming with the Arvada Chamber of Commerce to conduct an Internet marketing seminar titled “Adwords, Facebook, Twitter and Blogs – What Is Internet Marketing and Which of These Tools Work Best for My Business?” The details are:

Thursday, September 23 from 2:00-3:30
Bread Winners, 7311 Grandview Avenue in Olde Town Arvada
Cost: $10 per person
Register by emailing or calling the ACC at 303-424-0313.

The Importance of Maintaining Integrity in a Crisis

PRSA Colorado is hosting an all-star panel to discuss how can you keep your personal and professional integrity during a crisis situation while also keeping your company or client happy. Panelists include PRSA National Chair and CEO Gary McCormick and PRSA Colorado’s newest inductees to the College of Fellows – Sydney Ayers, Jane Dvorak and Jeff Julin.

The Importance of Maintaining Integrity in a Crisis
Wednesday, Sept. 15, at 11:30 a.m.
The Curtis Hotel, 1405 Curtis St., Denver, CO 80202

Click here to register (deadline is noon today).

Brand Iron Wins Three New Clients

Brand Iron has announced three new clients: Boone Heart Institute, a health organization offering preventative cardiology through heart screening; Revive, manufacturer of natural, organic lawn care products; and Winning Medicine International, global provider of action sports event medical service. Brand Iron will support the three Denver-based companies in creating brand awareness, broadening external communication methods, and overall marketing implementation.

Colorado Farm Bureau Conducts Impromptu Crisis Drill

Shawn Martini at the Colorado Farm Bureau learned the hard way that joking about natural disasters rarely ends well (see former Chicago Bears great Dan Hampton for another recent example). I have no idea what Shawn’s original Tweet was (it has since been deleted), but here is the string of apologies he has offered for it so far:

@RealPRMedia I see that now. My apologies.

@zarchasmpgmr @stevehirschhorn @HKoren @tweet_fail@pookla @wcwestfeldt @5280PRGal @hardcorps80204 My apologies. The joke was in poor taste.

@hardcorps80204 @milesbeyond @mackaymiller @tedrock et. al. My joke abt the #boulderfire was in very poor taste. My sincerest apologies.

@RealPRMedia Thank you for your understanding. I do apologize 4 the comment. Very poor taste on my part. My prayers R w/ everyone affected.

@thegoodhuman Very much agreed. Please accept my sincerest apologies.

Update: Here is Shawn’s original Tweet:

7000 ac. fire in Boulder. sure gonna take lots of Priuses &solar panels 2 make up4 that big ol’ carbon emission

Is PRSA’s APR Credential Relevant Anymore?

With “only 904 Society members hav(ing) become APR in the past six years, which represents a decline of more than 50% in participation by members over the two previous six-year periods,” it would appear it is headed toward irrelevancy.

Those numbers don’t surprise me. National PRSA’s attempts to gin up relevancy for the APR by requiring it to serve on its board only serves to underscores the situation. I’m perfectly fine with a CPA-like certification that requires a rigorous path and a corresponding level of respect within the public relations and broader marketing communities. But the APR credential isn’t that, and the most dictatorial holders of the certification should stop acting as though it is.

I have no doubt that my 15 years of public relations experience working with and for some of the most recognizable companies in the world has given me the knowledge and expertise I need to become credentialed. And as a PRSA Colorado board member, I more than meet the various requirements to remain credentialed. But I am not an APR. And the only explanation that I can give is to explain that when someone asks me to go jump through hoops for no reason, I just smile politely and say, “No thanks.”

(Note: If Gina, Jeff, Sydney, Sarah, Jon, Jane or any other APRs would like equal time, I’m happy to post it).

Trippe & Co. Reorganizes, Adds Two, Wins One

Trippe & Company announced that it has reorganized its agency around three practice areas:

  • Cultivate, which focuses on startup companies – particularly in the technology and green energy markets
  • Escalate, which focuses on traditional business functions such as communications, marketing and sales, as well as a new focus on investor relations, and
  • Radiate, which focuses on personal brands

Trippe also announced it has hired Robert Ferri and Anne Haggar, and landed Palisade-based Strong Bear as a client.

Ignite Boulder Tonight

Ignite Boulder 12 is tonight. Doors open at 6, show starts at 7. Tickets are a mere $10, and the speakers are:

Amy C. Christensen @expandoutdoors Stripping down on Kaua’i
Jeremy Tanner @penguin On Travel
Stephanie Lee Su-Ling @nuancechaser The Rationality of Fear
John Common @johncommon Beautiful Empty
Andrew Hyde @andrewhyde How To Build a Trail
Kendall Ruth @iamkendal Inconceivable or That Word Doesn’t Mean What You Think it Means
Jesse Weaver @jweav1 The Independence Day Theory: Why an Alien Visit may be Humanity’s Only Hope for Survival
Mary Kuehner @daisycakes Life Lessons of a Children’s Librarian
Rise Keller @vanillagrrl Baking at High Altitude: It’s All About Atmospheric Pressure
Sam Stauffer @redhead_wilma Take a Chill Pill: Dealing with Anxiety Disorders and other Mental Illnesses
Kate Brown @invinciblekate Lunch Lady Land – Food Activists on the Front Lines of the Childhood Obesity Battle
Danya Michael @theroseinbloom Fairy Tales as Education, or Why It’s OK to Read Harry Potter after High School
Emma Nicoletti @dollemma A Post Apocalyptic Experience without an Apocalypse: Working as a Waitress.
Joel Gratz @gratzo Hire a Meteorologist, Not a Stock Broker.

Bar & Grilled: Ron Zappolo

Fox31 anchor Ron Zappolo is the subject of Bill Husted’s “Bar & Grilled” column this morning. One interesting quote:

If you listen to the smart guys, they say (the future of local TV news is) not very bright. There will always be local news, but the face of it is going to change. I don’t think you’re going to see people like me anymore, people who spend 35 years in one market. You’re going to see a lot more young people with shorter deals, more turnover. I’m a survivor. People ask me what I’ve accomplished and I say, “I survived.”