WSJ Quotes Metzger in Online Retailing Article

John Metzger of Metzger Associates was quoted in today’s Wall Street Journal discussing wholesale companies that are setting up online shops to target retail customers. For non-subscribers, John’s contribution was

“Wholesalers new to the e-commerce world need to make a strong investment in infrastructure that supports all aspects of customer service, technical support, product support, returns,” says John Metzger, chief executive of Metzger Associates, a Boulder, Colo., communications firm that helps companies create online business strategies.

Whereas retailers wouldn’t typically fuss over one or two broken items in a large shipment, he says, “if something is broken, the consumer expects it to be fixed right away and they want someone to help” them fix it.

Coloradans Richer Than Us

Forbes is out with its list of the 400 Richest Americans, and the Colorado component looks like this:

  • Charlie Ergen, EchoStar, $8.1 billion
  • Phil Anschutz, Qwest, $8.0 billion
  • James Leprino, Leprino Foods, $2.3 billion
  • John Malone, Liberty Media, $2.3 billion
  • Pat Stryker, Stryker Corp., $1.8 billion
  • Tom Marsico, Marsico Capital Management, $1.5 billion
  • Steven “Steve” Silvers, GBSM, $1.2 billion*
(*Denver PR Blog estimate based on Steve’s stylish wardrobe and frequent use of big, fancy words)

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Congratulations! Your Social Media Plan Meets SMAC Standards

Sure social media is interesting and can be effective. But it has been missing something. We had trouble putting our fingers on it, and then it hit us: it has been missing a regulatory oversight body. You know, an organization that can deliver the kind of standards that will prevent the confusion that has reigned over the industry. Now we all can know that blogs are Web 2.0, podcasting is Web 2.1, Vlogs are Web 2.2, Twitter is Web 2.3, etc. And because Richard “Head” Edelman is involved, we can be assured it will be “authentic.”

MillerCoors’ Next Product Extension: Rohypnol Light

MillerCoors’ new alcoholic energy drink Sparks Red is creating red flags with attorneys general across the country. So far, 25 AGs (AsG?) have signed on to an effort to stop MillerCoors from distributing the Red-Bull-with-Vodka alternative, citing the negative health effects and the dangers of combining caffeine with alcohol.

Said New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, “By introducing Sparks Red, a higher-alcohol-content and even more dangerous version of its Sparks product, MillerCoors is demonstrating an utter disregard for the safety of young consumers.”