28 thoughts on “Qwest Layoffs Imminent?

  1. Layoffs have already begun. I don’t know how many company wide, but some teams are seeing 25% of their workforce cut. So far, I know it is affecting Business and IT. Network and Mass Markets for certain.

  2. ebiz in st paul had a 30% reduction my husband was one. 3- 50+ (which left no 50 yrs olds)that in itself I found very interesting. a total of 14 were let go, ie a 30% reduction. He said he is glad he was let go cuz to downsize from 4 mgrs to 2 with the same amount of people to supervise would have been hell and he would’ve been out job hunting sooner than later.

  3. YES, QWEST is laying off more employees real soon.Expect an announcement with 7 to 10 days. Qwest calls it a “forced adjustment” due to financial reasons. We all know the reason is so the CEO and all his associates will continue to maintain the multi-million dollar salaries. While the rest suffers at the cost of the “GREEDY” corporate rich.

  4. Network let a bunch go; I was laid off after more than 10 years service. I’ve seen so many people leave over the years – and in nearly every case, they are happier. Qwest is a moribund company spiraling downward, I’m grateful for the generous severance.

  5. I am in Ntwork, once Qwest discovered tat the Members of CWA had declined to ratify the contract they proposed Qwest was quick to let CWA know that they had already scheduled an announcement to the press that very day of yet another forced adjusment. Qwest agreed to hold off the announcement pending further negotiations. Tyical Qwest, threats and intimidation. Qwest could not care less about their blue collar workforce anymore than they do their paying customers who made Ma. Bell, US West what it was before “Qwest” took over to rape & Pilage, and I thought pirates were only in the history books.

  6. I worked for Qwest until recently. From what I was told by my ex-coworkers is that Qwest is laying off 40% of it’s employees. Personally, I think Qwest is preparing for a buy out by Verizon. The main reasoning behind this:
    -They put so much money into laying Fiber just to lay 40% of it’s employees off less then 6 months after Fiber launches.
    -They stopped selling Qwest wireless to sell Verizon wireless.
    -Verizon launched FiOS throughout the US, but not in 13 of the 14 states Qwest is currently in.

    I could be wrong, but I would be surprised if they didn’t.

  7. I believe in the Verizon takeover. Its the only thing that could explain the complete and total insanity going on in the IT department. They are spending money on pie in the sky BS efforts like never before. The Homer Simpsons are in charge and the plan must be to go bankrupt, then get bought up by Verizon. The new Qwest CEO should be fired … he took over a year ago at $10 a share … and drove us down to $2 in a year … that bozo needs to be FIRED NOW!!!

  8. As of today I work for QWorst. I saw a package being prepared, the top sheet says “Involuntary Seperation Program”. I also heard a director and a manager talking about having all the outside techs in at 8am for a crew meeting. Seems to be that time of year “…ahh the holidays, just in time for our end of the year layoffs…”

  9. I was a contract employee with Qwest… I survived the last major cut backs three years ago (every time CWA comes up for contract renewal), I did not survive this time. Contractors get no severence… job market is horrid and wages are spiraling downward. I know it is “business” but sad to know that Qwest does not care that it will have severl homeless by months end… I will be one of them if no job is found.

  10. My dad his worked there long before it became Qwest, for about 40 years now. Thw\e CWA is useless ust as crooked as the greedy pigs runnng that company into the ground for their own selfish reasons. If they are going to do layoffs they should start from the top down and get rid of the people driving it down. That will save some money. Nobody desirves millions of dollars a years to ruin a company, i sure would love there proformance reviews. Oh you F*&KED everything up for everyone but yourself, here, heres 10 million extra while your at it cut 2000 more jobs and will give some more $$$$. GREEDY PIGS

  11. Dec – Qwest continues to layoff I.T. workers, cutting into their talent base, there are no more poor performers – many 10 or more year 50+ workers.

  12. I find these comments interesting and just as negative as they were 9 years ago, when I worked with the company. I was laid off twice with Qwest. This is as crooked and corrupt a company as you could name. Back when Naachio was president (before being asked to leave), several oldschool execs (USWEST) left and some turned up dead–suicide. Before Naachio, there was Trujillo who was untrustworthy, but at least the union made some headway then. CWA is busted. Get out of that company, find someplace else to work.

  13. Those who took seasonal positions before last contract are screwed now. As an insider I can tell you your hours and overtime will be cut alot under the new contract 18.2. The company tricked the Union into accepting language and misrepresenting the intention of the change. Another fast one under the table. Union and company conspire and lie.

  14. Just announced from conference calls. Another 1500+ workers to be laid off.
    Man…Qwest is unbelievable! Over 1500 employees terminated 3 months ago. Now they want another 1500 to 2000 employees terminated. When is the corporate greed going to stop. Why doesn’t the CEO of Qwest give up some of his $15 million dollar salary he got last year to save a couple hundred jobs? Does he really need that much when his home, utilities, vehicle, jet plane, golden parachute all get paid for by our hard work? Gee…don’t you think he could maybe get by on $500,000 for a couple of years? Instead people like us lose our homes, have to worry about feeding our children and providing medical care for our children??? How can they be so darn greedy and oblivious to the pain??? They are so out of touch with reality and the normal community. Also, why is the Qwest so management level heavy? There is one manager for another manager and the one manager will manage 5 people and the other manager will manage 2 managers and the other manager doesn’t manage anybody?? How about getting rid of some managers and save the jobs for the people who really do the work out in the field.

  15. Ed Mueller is the most incompetent CEO in America. It’s disappointing that the board picked a guy from the pots and pans business to run a service provider.

  16. I agree with the last person’s comment. It’s getting bad at Qwest. They are sugar coating everything when it really looks desperate for Qwest. I truly think Mueller (The Sonoma’s Guy) (go figure/home cooking ware to technology/telcom) is gearing up to sell or merge or reduce the company to bare bones. He will get out with his 20 to 50 million before he leaves though…that is a guarantee.

  17. Anything new?
    I’m in Denver, and there have been 130 layoffs in Network and IT in the last week. I’m in Mass Markets and heard we are getting hit next but nothing yet. I’m just waiting…. this is exhausting.

  18. More layoffs today..Small business is getting hit hard. Dick really knew how to run a company – Mueller and his henchmen have destroyed all the hard work.. The list of layoffs is growing. I say its either BR or a fire sale…

  19. I’m in mass markets and from what I have seen, they are also getting rid of us through nitpicking sales performance and writing everyone up for everything they can. I’m gone next month and one other may be too, leaving the store with 1 employee for a 7 day work week. Retarded. making numbers is hard when you have one or two customers to sell to a day, TOTAL.

    Kiosks and stores are falling all around me. My regional manager is stepping down to district manager and my DM is stepping down Kiosk Manager. They fired one of the DM’s who had 37 years in just to make room for my RM to step down and keep her job. I’m almost glad they are letting me go. I can’t see myself working for a company that operates like this any longer than I have to.

    My father worked for PNB and USWEST and has always maintained it was a terrific company to work for. This ain’t yo daddy’s telecom anymore!

  20. I am sure that Ed Mueller is laughing all the way to the bank, He just cashed 1.2 million is stock that he was granted, granted he has done nothing for Qwest except sit in his chair and collect money that could make a real difference to the employees. But deeper into the arena are managers and director some of whom dont even have a clue as to what they are responaiable for, or what their direct reports actually do or how they do it. Back in the US West days this would never happen you moved up with all your skills to the manager level and for the most part were capable of doing your reports work as well as your own. Now with Companies like CISCO creating telephony equipment that is all plug and play, the only people left will be the wiring crew but only until Wireless gets 100%. Well I sad to say but Im on my way……..

  21. I was told yesterday that our kiosk is closing. They are closing a total of 26. I am glad that they can tell us how great we are as they lay us off. The managers/CEO make it like we have other options but they all suck. All liars.

  22. I believe that w/ all my heart. Management does not care, nor does Qwest Corp. I worked for the Denver Res Flagship site and I was one of their TOP money making employees. They let us go 7/09. I left! I collected unemployment for awhile. I searched for other jobs. I also waited until other jobs opened at Qwest. I applied for those jobs. I used my boss, my bosses boss, and his Sup to help me. Trust me, it did NOT help. I am a very smart person! I figured out that HR was pissed off that I stepped on their toes. They completely ignored me as an ex-employee in good standing and a status of being re-hired. I think thats totally sick! I was always on time for work every single day and made Qwest allot of money. All of you..yes you are right! This is a company I will never apply to work for again. Even more unfortunate for me, I was TOLD by many many people NOT to apply for a job at Qwest because this company does not care about keeping its employees. After looking for exactly 6 mos for a job I truly wanted!.. I got hired. This company KEEPS their employees! Can you believe it?! They are very happy to have me & my talents,& offered me a higher salary than qwest could ever pay. And, no CWA’S involved. Unions don’t count anymore in this day and time. They can’t do anything but collect money off your paycheck. Sad statement to make, but its TRUE.
    My statements on this site are not considered as an attack upon Qwest or it’s CWA involvement. I have the right to voice my personal & professional opinion.

  23. My husband was just laid off, he left for his first job of the day and was called back to the shop and told to go home…no warning,and they don’t know when he will go back to work,1,2,3 months, we will loose our house, with the market the way it is, we are supporting our mom, and son due to his lay off…i agree start from the top and work down laying off….

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