Bad Pitch Blog’s Top 20 Posts

Bad Pitch Blog lists its Top 20 posts:

Ready to Pitch a Blog? Take This Quiz First 
PR People Suck! 
An Open Letter to US Netcom Corporation 
Typos Are A Big, Hairy Problem 
Long Tail, Bad Pitch — Things Are Tough All Over 
BusinessWeek Redesigns, Still Gets Bad Pitches 
Times’ Hansell Turns to Bad Pitch For a WTF! 
What Does The Bad Pitch Blog Look Like? 
Dudes, stop your belly aching 
The Secret of The Bad Pitch Blog 
Fast Five Q&A with Adweek’s Digital Editor, Brian Morrissey 
PRSA Drops an Anvil on The Bad Pitch Blog 
Celeste Dufault is Outed in 10 Words or Less 
It Takes More than Media Map 
The WKRP in Cincinnati Pitch 
Google’s News Release Catch 22 
Down(load) New Comm Road 
It’s a Boner! 
Facebook Can Improve Your Media Relations

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