ABC’s Top 20 U.S. Newspapers by Circulation

Weekday circulations at the top 20 U.S. newspapers:

1. USA Today, 2,284,219, up 0.3 percent
2. The Wall Street Journal, 2,069,463, up 0.4 percent
3. The New York Times, 1,077,256, down 3.9 percent
4. Los Angeles Times, 773,884, down 5.1 percent
5. New York Daily News, 703,137, down 2.1 percent

6. New York Post, 702,488, down 3.1 percent
7. The Washington Post, 673,180, down 3.6 percent
8. Chicago Tribune, 541,663, down 4.4 percent
9. Houston Chronicle, 494,131, down 1.8 percent
10. The Arizona Republic, 413,332, down 4.7 percent

11. Newsday, Long Island, 379,613, down 4.7 percent
12. San Francisco Chronicle, 370,345, down 4.2 percent
13. Dallas Morning News, 368,313, down 10.6 percent
14. The Boston Globe, 350,605, down 8.3 percent
15. The Star-Ledger of Newark, N.J., 345,130, down 7.4 percent

16. The Philadelphia Inquirer, 334,150, down 5.1 percent
17. The Plain Dealer, Cleveland, 330,280, down 4.2 percent
18. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 326,907, down 8.5 percent
19. Star Tribune of Minneapolis-St. Paul, 321,984, down 6.7 percent
20. St. Petersburg Times, Florida, 316,007, down 2.1 percent

Source: Audit Bureau of Circulations (reprinted in the Denver Post)

If You Have a PR Blog and You Read Only One Blog Post This Year, Make it This Scatterbox One

Last month we examined the contradiction between the lip service many PR agencies give to new media tools and their use (or lack thereof) of the most prominent of those tools – the blog. While the results were interesting, they only offered a simplistic quantitative snapshot. What went unexamined was the qualitative aspect. Today, Steven Silvers of Scatterbox fame offered a brilliantly simple post that cuts right to the heart of the quality of blog posts. The Cliffsnotes version: posting vapidity frequently doesn’t get you anywhere. 

Top 30 Newspaper Sites for March

Nielsen Online/E&P Rankings for Newspaper Web Sites

Site — Unique Audience (000) — % Change (YoY) — 18,869 –30% — 10,709 — (-2%) — 8,929 — 13%
Wall Street Journal Online — 6,850 — 99%
LA Times — 5,729 — 22%

New York Post — 4,677 — 31% — 4,184 — (-1%)
Chicago Tribune — 3,825 — 31% Francisco Chronicle — 3,793 — (-10%)
Daily News Online Edition — 3,314 — 54%

Newsday — 3,240 — 44%
Village Voice Media — 2,814 — 139% – The Dallas Morning News — 2,727 — 96%
The Houston Chronicle — 2,690 — (-26%)
International Herald Tribune — 2,587 — 33%

Atlanta Journal-Constitution — 2,384 — 28%
Chicago Sun-Times — 2,206 — 8%
The Politico — 2,095 — 58% — 2,016 — (-4%)
Seattle Post-Intelligencer — 1,967 — (-8%) — 1,908 — 6%
Star Tribune — 1,763 — 18% — 1,662 — 36%
Orlando Sentinel — 1,642 — (-31%) — 1,554 — (-12%)

Sun-Sentinel — 1,524 — (-9%)
Detroit Free Press — 1,484 — 38% — 1,460 — 89% — 1,451 — (-17%)
The San Diego Union-Tribune — 1,432 — (-19%)

New York Times, Chicago Tribune Earnings Worry Wall Street

The newspaper industry took a double hit today as The New York Times Company posted a Q1 loss — “one of the worst periods” the company has seen — and new Chicago Tribune Co. Chairman and CEO Sam Zell disclosed that revenues are down so far (double digits) this year that the company may be forced to sell newspapers and other properties

Despite the earnings news, at least Sam Zell is trying to keep things interesting.

Carmelo Plays Musical Chairs with Marketing Reps

Denver Nugget star Carmelo Anthony is having a little trouble getting the love — and endorsements — that his NBA classmates LeBron James and Dwyane Wade get. While Wade has won an NBA championship and LeBron has taken his team to an NBA Finals series, Carmelo only seems to be able to top them in area of off-court incidents. There has been the recent DUI arrest, the Manhattan bar fight, the DIA marijuana incident, the anti-drug snitch video, the second marijuana incident, and the debacle against the New York Knicks when he threw a weak punch and then ran away like a scared kindergartner).

Like a lot of athletes and celebrities, though, Carmelo is looking to assign blame elsewhere. Taking the fall this time is his marketing firm BDA Sports, whom ‘Melo has fired and replaced (at least temporarily) with Theresa Tran of Tease Marketing. 

New York Times Recognizes PR Savvy

Amid the Olympics torch run debacle, The New York Times praises the pro-Tibet forces for their public relations savvy:

“Soon after China was awarded the Olympic Games seven years ago, a series of public relations strategy sessions were held. But it wasn’t the Chinese government holding the sessions: it was grass-roots Tibet support groups in the United States and abroad. The protesters quickly established a communications plan, focused their message and ran camps where they taught members interview skills and even rappelling — as they showed off last week in hanging banners on the Golden Gate Bridge. As a result, the protesters have pulled off a publicity coup.”

Denver Post Q&A with PRSA/MGA’s Jeff Julin

This morning’s Denver Post has a Q&A with Jeff Julin, president of Denver-based MGA and currently chairman of PRSA. Credit reporter Steve Raabe for asking some tough questions about how the public relations industry is perceived and why PRSA has been accused of staying on the sidelines in the Edleman/Wal-Mart debacle. Unfortunately, in the abbreviated Q&A format, the responses are mostly just sound bites.

Denver PR Moves

  • Metzger hired Theresa Blake as account services director and Craig Randall as account coordinator. Blake previously was with Wild Oats.
  • Xstatic added Jim Randall as senior public relations expert. Randall’s previous experience includes Frontier Airlines and the U.S. Air Force.
  • GroundFloor Media has added Amanda Brannum as a senior public relations manager. She previously worked with the North Texas Business for Culture and the Arts in Dallas.

Rocky Wins Pulitzer … Sort Of

Colfax and Broadway was abuzz this afternoon as the 2008 Pulitzer Prize winners were announced. While the Denver Post was shut out, the Rocky Mountain News learned that reporter Kevin Vaughan was a finalist for his series titled, “The Crossing.”  And incoming Rocky photographer Preston Gannaway won “on her first day as a Rocky Mountain News photographer” for her work at her previous newspaper, the Concord Monitor.

A Brave New (Online) World

Ken Barber at Pure Brand brought to our attention this blog post. As Ken notes, “It drives home the point that PR people can’t just apply their age-old, journalist-outreach tactics to the online world, especially bloggers.” We agree. Journalists have come to accept that being spammed comes with the job, and usually they aren’t in a position to hammer you publicly if you annoy them. But bloggers are different, so spam them at your own risk.

The Downside: Pen Marks on My Monitor When I Do the Crossword

The only thing newspapers have been shedding faster than reporters is paying subscribers. With free Web sites, it’s hard enough to get twentysomethings to pay for a newspaper subscription, but what happens when you can’t even keep subscribers who are in their fifties and used to be copyeditors at your publication? The Boulder Daily Camera is finding out. (Hat tip to Daniel Brogan at 5280.)

GBSM Unveils New “YourHub” Practice

GBSM today announced that it will reduce its focus on large, reputable, corporate clients and instead target Denver-area, consumer public relations by creating a new division called “GBSM |” The new division will identify enhanced strategies to place articles in the YourHub franchise.

“We got the idea when we read about Edelman consolidating its digital practices and enhancing its focus on ‘authentic’ communications,” said GBSM principal Steven “Steve” Silvers. “We immediately convened our principals and held a staff retreat to ponder the question, ‘What is next in public relations?’ Then it hit us! YourHub is the pinnacle of what the public relations experience should be. Not quite journalism, not quite user-generated content, not quite reputable, but fully billable!”

The strategy has already delivered several success stories, and helped the agency land several new clients, including Lil’ Angel Pet Boutique & Gallery and Ladies En Confidente, according to Silvers.