Expect Layoffs As Part of the Fox31, CW2 Deal

The consolidation continues. Fox31 and CW2 today announced a “marketing agreement” effective Oct. 1 that will have the two stations sharing news, sales, operations and engineering services. CW2 also will relocate from its Greenwood Village headquarters to the Fox31 building downtown. Fox31 GM Dennis Leonard confirmed what everyone already knew: layoffs are coming. Said Leonard: “(We are) evaluating how things will change, (including) evaluating the talent and people we have on both sides.” 

Interestingly, neither Fox31 or CW2 has the news on its Web site yet, but you can see the coverage here: Denver Post, Denver Business Journal, 9News, MediaWeek, Westword.

3 thoughts on “Expect Layoffs As Part of the Fox31, CW2 Deal

  1. Its another say day in Denver for TV. 9news did the same thing to Ch 20. I say we all need to move back to the 50’s when TV was fun watch.

  2. You’re ruining channel 2 news! We have watched CW2 for years; mournings and at 9 pm. We love all the news & weather people, but these new formats (and times) and goofy programs has forced us to find a new news channel.
    Sadly, Kenny & Taffy

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