‘Beijing … We Have a Problem’

China’s Ministry of Propaganda is alive and well. We feared things would slow down in Asia after the Olympic Games, but the same person responsible for promoting the Olympics (see buck-teeth little girls and CGI-aided opening ceremonies) is helping out on China’s space efforts. No need to worry, however. We expect that PRSA will soon send a registered letter to Premier Jiabao asking China to abide by the PRSA Code of Ethics in its space communications.

Andrew Hudson Resigns Position to Focus on Jobs Site

Those of us who have been in Denver for a while have watched with amazement as Andrew Hudson built what started as a small email distribution list into the full-blown marketing jobs machine we now know as Andrew Hudson’s Job List. During that run, we have seen Andrew move from the Wellington Webb administration to Frontier Airlines to ARCADIS. But Andrew has now resigned his position at ARCADIS to devote himself full-time to his jobs site. Penny Parker at the Rocky has the details. We’re big fans of Andrew and his site, obviously, and we wish him the best of luck.