Linhart PR Seeks Digital Media Supervisor

Linhart PR is adding a Digital Media Supervisor:

Skills sought include: Expert use of social/digital analytics and measurement tools; program planning and management; social strategy; content strategy and development; e-commerce program development and management; paid social/digital planning and implementation; budgeting; and written and oral communications, including strong presentation skills. 

In Memoriam

Former CBS4 reporter Wendy Bergen, an Emmy-winning journalist who resigned in disgrace after staging dog fights as part of her investigation into animal abuse. According to long-time friend Peter Boyles, that experience served as a catalyst for Bergen to turn her life around and focus on helping others. Michael Roberts at Westword has more details.

American Airlines Deftly Navigates ‘Strollergate’

PRWeek examines why American Airlines “Strollergate” didn’t rise to the level that United Airlines experienced. From reporter Diana Bradley:

“…By responding to its own incident quickly, American Airlines halted the matter from blowing up, crisis experts say. Just a few hours after the video was published on Facebook, the airline company issued a statement, which it put on its website. In the statement, the airline apologized, said it had launched an investigation to obtain the facts, noted it had upgraded the family affected to first class, and added it had suspended the flight attendant involved.”

Long-rumored ESPN Layoffs May Begin Next Week

The long-rumored mass layoffs at ESPN may begin next week, and they may be larger than expected. From Matt Bonesteel at the Washington Post:

The job cuts, which will come from the network’s sizable stable of on-air and online talent, have long been expected as ESPN looks to pare expenses in the wake of mounting subscriber losses and rising rights fees. Over the past five years, the network has lost somewhere around 12 million subscribers while shelling out billions for the right to televise leagues such as the NFL and NBA.

Police, CBS Affiliate May Be Hiding Name of NFL Draftee Accused of Sexual Assault

Are the Cleveland Police Department and the city’s CBS affiliate conspiring to hide the identity of a projected first-round NFL prospect accused of sexual assault so his draft status won’t be hurt? It would seem so. Barry Petchesky reports:

A player who is expected to go in the first round of Thursday’s NFL draft has been accused of sexual assault, according to Cleveland 19 News. But this is a weird one: The station is not naming the player, despite having a statement from his attorney, because the cops are dragging their feet on filing a police report.

UPDATE: TMZ has learned the name of the football player, and not surprisingly he is a local star.

CORA Law Trips Up Denver Water

Denver Water learned the hard way to watch what you put in emails when you are subject to the Colorado Open Records Act (CORA). In a 7News investigation related to a bonus awarded to Denver Water’s CEO, investigative reporter Tony Kovaleski captured this email exchange:

Employee #1: “Where are you? We just got a CORA from Channel 7.”

Employee #2: “Home … you can call me. What are they looking for?”

Employee #1 “Glad you’re home and sitting down. You may want to pour a shot of tequila.”

Employee #2: “Fuck. Is it about pension? Or rates? Who is it from?”

7News also published invoices totaling $3,200 from Denver crisis management firm Rockford Gray to media train Denver Water’s CEO and one of its former board members.

DDP Releases Annual ‘State of Downtown Denver’ Report

The Downtown Denver Partnership has released its 2017 State of Downtown Denver report. Among the findings:

Our residential population, at the center of one of the fastest growing cities in the U.S., is expanding at unprecedented rates. Our diverse economy added close to 6,000 jobs over the past 24 months, bolstered by the arrival of 23 new companies and a nationally recognized culture of innovation and entrepreneurship.

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Webb Shares Tales of Replacing Fox’s Bill O’Reilly at 7News

Is former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly the most hated man in television? In 1978, Pete Webb of Webb Strategic Communications replaced O’Reilly as 7News’s investigative reporter, and he tells Michael Roberts of Westword that O’Reilly was, in fact, a jerk:

According to (Webb,) a former co-worker in Denver, O’Reilly was widely disliked at the station because of behavior that could be rude, egomaniacal and underhanded, and on multiple occasions, he was pranked by colleagues who left aromatic food to rot in his desk.

“He was a hugely disruptive influence in the newsroom, and few people liked or tolerated him,” Webb maintains. “He was argumentative, difficult to manage and would literally steal other people’s stories. In fact, he’d answer a call for a reporter and say, ‘He’s out right now, what can you tell me?,’ and end up with a story intended for someone else.”

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PRSA Colorado Announces 2017 Award Winners

PRSA Colorado has announced the winners of its 2017 Gold Pick Special Awards:

  • Swede Johnson Lifetime Achievement: Amy Johnson, APR, Amy Johnson Public Relations
  • Public Relations Person of the Year: Catherine B. Lucas, APR, Metropolitan State University of Denver
  • Business Person of the Year: Tami Door, Downtown Denver Partnership
  • Joe Fuentes Rookie of the Year: Catie Mayer, B Public Relations
  • Chapter Service: Michelle Ellis, Ellis Communications Marketing
  • Mentor of the Year: Kimberly Stern, Colorado State University
  • Public Relations Team of the Year: Ball Corporation Communications Team

The Special Award winners, as well as Gold and Silver Pick award winners, will be recognized at the Gold Pick Awards ceremony on Thursday, May 4, at Kevin Taylor’s at the Opera House in Denver. Register at

Wells Fargo Legal & PR Expenses Grow

Wells Fargo says the expenses related to its fake-accounts scandal will be greater than expected. Laura Keller at Bloomberg reports:

Wells Fargo & Co.’s costs … are mounting faster than the bank expected as the company incurs expenses for consultants and lawyers.

“Of course it’s having an impact on the performance of the company,” said Chief Executive Officer Tim Sloan. “When you step back and you look at how serious the retail sales-practice issues were, and the reputational impact on the company, you can only reach that conclusion.”

SE2 Seeks Owned Media Strategist

Integrated communications agency SE2 is hiring an owned media strategist:

We are looking for a highly skilled, enthusiastic owned media strategist who will combine editorial direction, writing and publishing, and digital campaign management and production roles to ensure our clients have a strong online presence. This is a key position in a dynamic company committed to doing great work for issue-oriented clients including health, education, policy and more.

In Memoriam

The public relations world has lost two giants over the past two weeks: Al Golin and Pam Edstrom.

Golin got his early start with client McDonald’s, and over the course of 60 years built his eponymous agency, Golin. Edstrom was one of Microsoft’s earliest PR executives, and she later co-founded the firm Waggener Edstrom.

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United Airlines ‘Re-accommodates’ Passenger

After video surfaced of police literally dragging unwilling passengers off an overbooked flight, United Airlines may want to think about upping its offer for passengers willing to take a later flight.


Unfortunately for the airline, it violated rule #1 of a crisis – avoid video and photos at all costs. And its CEO’s statement blithely apologizing for “reacommodating” the passenger only keeps the story alive longer.

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Great Moments in Journalism

The dream of every high school newspaper reporter … taking down the principal.

In Kansas, a student newspaper is being praised for its hard work in reporting that Pittsburg High School’s newly hired principal had seemingly overstated her credentials. The principal, Amy Robertson, has now resigned, after the paper found she claimed advanced degrees from Corllins University, an entity whose legitimacy has been questioned.

“In light of the issues that arose, Dr. Robertson felt it was in the best interest of the district to resign her position,” the school board said Tuesday, adding that it will now begin looking for a new principal.

The turnabout came just weeks after Robertson was hired. Until Pittsburg High’s newspaper, The Booster Redux, published its findings last Friday, the main impediments to Robertson starting full-time on July 1 were her impending move from Dubai and the need to acquire a Kansas school administrator’s license.

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