5280 Layoffs May Open a Door for Denver Magazine

And the media layoffs continue. 5280 publisher Dan Brogan confirmed in a blog post what we had been hearing for a couple of weeks – that two staffers were let go due to softening ad sales. But the layoff of the magazine’s director of digital media because “we no longer have the luxury of living in the future” belies an interesting – and potentially dangerous – strategy for weathering the economic downturn. With Denver Magazine representing a more sustained threat than 5280 staffers originally anticipated (compare their recent page counts), will the retreat give Denver Magazine a greater opportunity to establish a relationship with younger audiences that expect a compelling online presence?

One thought on “5280 Layoffs May Open a Door for Denver Magazine

  1. I suppose I wasn’t clear enough in my remarks to Michael Roberts. My statement about no longer having the luxury of living in the future was in regard to the print magazine, not the web. Even so, our editorial print staff remains larger than the vast majority of city magazines across the country.

    As for the web, we continue to have two editorial staffers devoted full-time to online. I don’t think any other magazine in town can say that. We’ve also increased our web freelance budget for 2009. Our primary online focus remains growing our audience by creating compelling content (the position we eliminated was on the business side). So “retreat” is hardly a fair characterization of our web strategy.

    Finally, when you look at paging, please remember that, from a business perspective, it’s *ad paging* not total book size that truly matters. On that front, 5280 continues to sell double or even triple the amount of ad pages found in any other local magazine.

    Jeremy, feel free to give me a shout if you have questions about any of this.

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