2009 PR Predictions

By Sydney Ayers
Principal, dna pr 

I predict that more and more organizations will focus on authenticity – the conscious effort to speak with a genuine, consistent voice across all platforms, in all markets.  From GM to Gov. Blagojevich, we have all seen what happens to those who say one thing but act in a totally different manner.  The truth is there are no secrets anymore.  The quality of a company’s products and services is apparent to all customers and potential customers.  Its treatment of employees – both present and past – is visible not only across the corporation itself but with potential employees and other interested groups.  Its citizenship, environmental behavior, corporate governance, executive compensation and public policy stance are transparent to all.  Maintaining some semblance of honest talk in day-to-day communications is critical for long-term business success and therefore will impact the way in which we are expected to operate in the year to come. 

2009 PR Predictions

By Steven Silvers
Hype Optimizer,

•  Tired of negative stereotypes, PRSA will change the term “public relations” to “hype optimization.”

•  Bruce Goldberg’s Press Release Theater will become a Broadway musical staring Nathan Lane as a local newspaper editor who falls for a bottled water publicist played by Swoosie Kurtz.  Hit songs include “Embargo my heart until Friday” and “Pourin’ pourin’ pourin’ at the Press Club.” 

•  Having become enamored with microblogging service Twitter, PR people will be first to adopt nanoblogging service Twit.  

•  Radical environmental groups will march in front of PR agencies in outrage to global warming caused by the Harvard comma.

•  Half of all PR graduates will admit they said they “like working with people” just to get a job.