Denver Broncos Promote PR VP Smyth

The Denver Post’s Nicki Jhabvala reports that the Denver Broncos have promoted Patrick Smyth from vice president of public relations to executive vice president of public and community relations. Jhabvala also reports:

Erich Schubert was promoted from senior manager of media relations to director of the department, Seth Medvin, formerly a media relations coordinator, was elevated to strategic communications manager.

Denver Broncos practiceCredit: Helen H. Richardson/The Denver Post

One thought on “Denver Broncos Promote PR VP Smyth

  1. What a sad day it is to see Denver Broncos not participating in our countries national anthem.No respect for millions of soldiers who have died or were wounded & scarred for life.They would not have those millions of dollar contracts if it were not for those men & woman.What has happened is this shows millions of Americans where the Broncos & the NFL FEEL ABOUT OUR FLAG & DISRESPECT TO THE USA! I have burned my tickets with my bronco clothing.Done with your disrespectful ,over paid non patriotic SOBS.Millions like myself will be spending our time elsewhere!

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