CIG, Philosophy, Webb Big Winners at 2017 PRSA Gold Picks

CIG, Philosophy Communication, and Webb Strategic Communications were the big winners at last night’s PRSA Colorado Gold Picks awards event. Using the proprietary and highly sophisticated Denver PR Blog formula to determine who fared best (four points for the Grand Gold Pick, two points for a gold, one point for a silver), the results are:

Agency Winners

1.   CIG (22 points) – Ten gold, two silver
2.   Philosophy (15 points) – One grand gold, five gold, one silver
3.   Webb Strategic (12 points) – Five gold, two silver
4.   Linhart PR (11 points) – Five gold, one silver
5.   WildRock (8 points) – Two gold, four silver
6.   Fyn PR (7 points) – Three gold, one silver
7.   B Public Relations (5 points) – Two gold, one silver
8.   GKC PR (4 points) – One gold, two silver
9.   M&C Communications (3 points) – One gold, one silver
10. Cutter Communications (2 points) – One gold
10. Dstreet (2 points) – One gold
10. Feed Media (2 points) – One gold
10. Jumel PR (2 points) – One gold
10. Lola Red (2 points) – One gold
10. Xstatic PR (2 points) – One gold
16. Blake Comms (1 point) – One silver
16. Peri Marketing & PR (1 point) – One silver
16. Weber Shandwick (1 point) – One silver

Non-agency Winners

1.   Colorado State University (8 points) – Two gold, four silver
2.   Kaiser Permanente (5 points) – Two gold, one silver
3.   Colorado Tourism (4 points) – Two gold
4.   City of Boulder (3 points) – One gold, one silver
4.   Commerce City (3 points) – One gold, one silver
4.   Community First Foundation (3 points) – Three silver
7.   Denver Art Museum (2 points) – One gold
7.   Donor Alliance (2 points) – One gold
7.   Boulder Open Space/Parks (2 points) – Two silver
10. Ball Corp. (1 point) – One silver
10. Johns Manville (1 point) – One silver
10. Level 3 (1 point) – One silver

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Are Brands Backing Away from Memes?

Yuyu Chen at Digiday asks whether we have hit Peak Meme.

It’s hard to quantify the use of brand memes because most social analytics companies don’t track them. But influencer Dart Sultan, who runs the Facebook page Shit Memes, called memes a “played-out form of advertisement.

“Brands are utilizing this medium, and it has led to saturation,” he said.

Meanwhile, some marketers have started doubting the value of meme marketing for their clients aside from likes, shares and impressions.

“I don’t think memes will go away, but now lots of our clients are pulling back and asking, ‘What can we get out of this?’” said Jess Greenwood, vp of content and partnerships for agency R/GA. “Companies can be internet-friendly without creating memes. They can work with influencers, for example.”