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2010 Denver PR Predictions – Larry Holdren
January 5, 2010, 11:08 am
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By Larry Holdren
Partner, Pure

  • Companies will increasingly look to hire communications talent that clearly understand how to use the ever-changing array of tools available to communicate with audiences in 2010. More importantly, they will look to hire talent that can combine that knowledge with the ability to think strategically and understand their clients’ or organizations’ businesses.
  • Shiny Object Syndrome will continue when it comes to social media, but smart organizations will continue to tie results of their online efforts directly to business objectives.
  • Traditional mass media outlets will continue to look and sound more like activist organizations with political agendas, making it more important than ever for organizations to use digital communications and social media tools to tell their own stories.
  • Local and national economies will continue to improve and spending on well-thought-out, original communications efforts that take full advantage of both traditional and new tools will increase when compared to 2009.
  • All of our professional sports teams will, once again, not win championships, yet an entire section of the Denver Post and nearly 15 minutes of 10 pm newscasts will be dedicated to telling their stories and I will continue to consume that media in its entirety.
  • City and state governments will continue their budgetary struggles and will look to any and all methods to increase revenue – meaning I will likely rack up thousands of dollars in parking and speeding tickets and may be looking for rides to and from work.

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I’ll give you a ride to and from work and we can listen to sports talk. Sound good? I certainly owe you a few rides after you saved me from some bus mishaps!

Comment by Gina Seamans

I’m most excited for the continued improvement of Larry Holdren head shots in various social media channels….

Comment by Drew Kramer

You try to get a camera up there to get a good head shot of Larry. Not easy.

Comment by denverprblog

There ARE no good head shots of Larry – don’t take this as an attack on your photography skills, J….

Comment by Drew Kramer

My photography skills? Ha! The Denver PR Blog is strictly BYOHS.

Comment by denverprblog

Sports coverage is always lead news when they’re winning. Interesting isn’t it? Let’s see, what’s more important? The Broncos or Haiti?

Comment by Randall Erkelens

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