2010 Denver PR Predictions – Free eBook

One of the best parts of publishing the Denver PR Blog is that I get to meet a lot of smart, talented communications professionals. Denver may not be in the same league as Dallas, Minneapolis or Atlanta when it comes to Fortune-500 companies headquartered here, but those cities have nothing on Denver when it comes to our talent pool. There is something about Colorado that lures people here and makes them want to stay.

I’d like to thank the smart, talented people who contributed predictions for this year’s compilation. As I noted last year, predictions are a lot of fun. The good ones give us a glimpse of what may come, and the bad ones give us a laugh when they prove to be comically off-base. Usually, the problem with separating the accurate predictions from the inaccurate ones is that it takes time. But in just a couple of weeks we have already seen Tracy Weise’s prediction of a national championship for her Alabama Crimson Tide come true, and Pete Webb’s prediction of a more civil tone from the McInnis and Ritter campaigns fall apart. The rest we’ll have to wait on.

I hope you enjoy this free eBook, and that you will pass it along to anyone you think might be interested in it. Here’s to a great 2010.

– Jeremy Story