PRSA Colorado Roundtable Features Denver Journalists

PRSA Colorado has lined up more than a dozen Denver journalists for its Media Roundtable next Wednesday, January 20. Among the journalists attending to discuss how they select stories in this new media environment will be the Deuce’s Greg Nieto, Denver Post’s Vikki Migoya, 9News’ TaRhonda Thomas, CBS4’s Gloria Neal and Misty Montano, 850 KOA’s April Zesbaugh and Colorado Biz’s Mike Cote. Click here for more details.

Gregg Moss Returns to 9News … Again

Good news if you are a fan of business reporting. The rumors swirling the past week that former 9News business reporter Gregg Moss would return to the Denver NBC affiliate have proved true, but with a twist. The Denver Business Journal reports Moss will return to 9News in a part-time role, while continuing to work as a business strategy consultant for the company that previously had lured him away, Alem International Management. Over the past decade, Moss has bounced between 9News and positions with the Fort Worth Business Press, Wiesner Publishing and Alem.

2010 Denver PR Predictions – Jon Pushkin

By Jon Pushkin
Pushkin Public Relations

Media will pledge to stop being manipulated by phony stories and egomaniacs looking for their 15 minutes of fame. They will promise to stop following philanderers around and decide to devote their meager resources to actual news. They will decide to salvage the sliver of professional pride they have left and be journalists again. They will decide to go for substance and ban the use of the words “reality TV.”  They will give us the news, not the bearded lady.

Public relations will continue to evolve. In 2009, we became the reporters, editors and producers. In 2010, we will continue the metamorphosis as more news is delivered through blogs, tweets, videos and other short bursts of information. Former journalists will continue going into PR, so eventually we will become the media and the media will become us.

Although I was wrong about this prediction last year, I will try it again until I get it right. Public relations will take on a new and enhanced role in Colorado and nationally. PR pros will craft and communicate important messages promoting commitment, teamwork, sacrifice and tolerance to all Americans. Propaganda and partisan bickering will fade away and be replaced by a new spirit of hope, innovation and confidence that will spur economic recovery and restore America’s reputation in the world community.

2010 Denver PR Predictions – GG Johnston

By GG Johnston

Public relations will continue to lead the way in teaching organizations how to build relationships. In 2010, more executives in the C-suite will pay attention.
In one year, there has been more change in the nature of how companies relate and engage with their stakeholders than even the best predictions led us to believe. We choose where and when we get our information through online news sites and RSS feeds, we fast forward through commercials as we watch TV through the DVR filter, we’re on no-call lists and we want to be entertained at every turn. It’s becoming harder, and more annoying, to cram “messages” down the throats of the people companies want to support them. So, it’s back to the basics. Get to know, understand and appreciate what your employees, customers, clients and stakeholders care about. Then, genuinely engage them in ways that are meaningful to everyone.

The paradox of vast openness and micro-segmentation will change everything – even more.
The power surge in user-generated content means there’s so much more to know about the people who matter to companies and then, tread wisely. Once you get to know someone, you have a responsibility to use what you know to either enhance the relationship or let it wither. Making sense of the abundance of data we have about individuals and groups will require new skills and strategies. Organizations must make decisions about who matters most because engagement will become more targeted and refined. So will resources.

The generation gaps will continue to converge with the technology divides. These imbalances in companies will create enough pain to force deeper changes in the way we communicate.
Don’t worry, it’s all good. Sometimes, pain is the only way to convince executives and shareholders to change. There’s been talk about how Boomers are leaving the workplace and taking the intellectual capital with them, but few organizations are taking serious steps to address all the generational shifts and the impact they’re having on the marketplace. With five generations in the workplace and technology shifts happening weekly, it’s serious business to find the gaps and divides and shore them up before your stakeholders do.

GG Johnston serves on the boards of PRSA Colorado, the Denver Metro Chamber Leadership Foundation and Friends of Manual.

2010 Denver PR Predictions – Laura Love & Ramonna Tooley

By Laura Love and Ramonna Tooley
GroundFloor Media

We’re looking forward to 2010 as the year that social media earns a well-deserved seat at the proverbial table. We all witnessed social media hitting the mainstream in 2009, as organizations embraced tools like Twitter and Facebook as part of their strategic communications plans. It will be no surprise to see social media as a respected formal “PR tool” in the overall strategic communications mix in 2010. That being said, we see a few trends emerging in the New Year including:

  • Companies will have social media guidelines in place for employees, similar to the standard HR policies.
  • HR Directors will not extend an offer until a complete background check is conducted, including an in-depth scan of social media sites and personal blogs of each candidate.
  • Attorneys specializing in social media laws and regulations will increase and PR agencies will work hand in hand with legal teams as laws shift and the industry evolves.
  • The viral nature of social media will lend to increased issues and crises for companies to deal with (think Dominos Pizza), and organizations will need to have social media crisis response plans in place, similar to the traditional media response plans they have had in place (or should have) for years.
  • Social media monitoring tools like Radian6 and SM2 will become even more commonplace as companies monitor both their social and traditional media coverage.