In Memoriam

Among those offering their thoughts on the demise of the Rocky Mountain News are Metzger’s Lisa Greim (a former Rocky business reporter who offers a touching eulogy for the paper), Webb PR’s Pete Webb, GBSM’s Steve Silvers, GroundFloor’s Ramonna Tooley and Pure’s Larry Holdren.

One thought on “In Memoriam

  1. Well it is coming, this storm of downsizings to the news business. I like the feeling of a real newspaper in my hands and actually read it over a meal!
    Yet today those people that go (or say they go) to work and read little snippets of news in bullet speed have out run all of us that actually think an article through and mull it over with friends. Those days are fleeting like the sun going down. No longer thinking and reasoning people, weare subjects of snippets of news that others feel we are worthy of, sandwiched between pop-up posts of things to buy.
    I am sorry because I feel much more vulnerable now to the snipet writers who wil form the minds of people in snippet form.
    Yet somehow it’s the passing of an era, for each of us. Like true conversation or true emails with feeling and communication – is anyone out there anymore?
    Please write anyone..:)


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