Dollars and Sense

It was a tough day for Wells Fargo. The banking giant got “caught” planning a luxurious 12-day employee-recognition event in Las Vegas just weeks after accepting a taxpayer-funded $25 billion bailout. Every PR person in town knew immediately how it would end, but it still took five hours (and a nearly infinite number of Internet/blog/twitter news cycles) to play out: 

“Recognition events are still part of our culture. It’s really important that our team members are still valued and recognized.”
     – Wells Fargo spokeswoman Melissa Murray, quoted in an AP article, 1:50 am MST
We are “reconsidering the event.”
     – Wells Fargo spokesman Kevin Waetke, quoted in a Reuters article, 5:04 pm MST

“In light of the current environment, we have now decided to cancel this event.”
     – Wells Fargo statement, 6:34 p.m. MST

Farewell, Schenkein

I removed Schenkein from the “Denver Agencies” list and its Tracked Changes blog from the “Blogs Worth Reading” list today. Schenkein was a blue-chip name in Denver, and a lot of great public relations people passed through its doors over the years. Here’s hoping that those who were with it at the end find other positions quickly.