Former Fox31 Anchor Ready to Find Next Job

Former Fox31 morning anchor Steve Kelley may have been “blindsided” by his dismissal, but he tells the Denver Post’s Bill Husted that he is back and looking “to reinvent myself” to find his next job. For what its worth, Webb PR’s Pete Webb predicts Kelley will wind up back at 850 KOA, his home for nearly two decades before he took the Fox31 position.

3 thoughts on “Former Fox31 Anchor Ready to Find Next Job

  1. I’d like to see him end up on TV again, but I don’t see who would hire him. He was a perfect fit for “Good Day’s” news-talk format. 4, 7, & 9 seem to be pretty comfortable with their morning anchors (or, at least, their morning anchors seem to be pretty comfortable working at 4, 7, & 9). I wish him the best of luck, and I wish Dennis Leonard the worst of luck, seeing as he’s been making nothing but poor decisions in firing Kelley, Bjorkman, and others.

  2. fox31 mycolorado ……..
    letting steve go was a big mistake. I no longer
    watch your morning show.steve was great at what he did you should be ashamed of yourselfs…
    you suck………………

  3. I find it disgraceful that human beings that are well loved, greatly accepted, people that have given of themselves selflessly, are being disposed of, with no warning, explanation or reason. Steve has a heart of gold and so much life experience that he has shared with all of us over the last 32 years. He will be missed, but I for one will be watching to see his next magnificent job that he takes on. You can’t keep a good man down.

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