Upcoming Events

“The Fine Art of Small Talk” — Register here to attend the PRSA Colorado event offering a refresher course on “carrying on a simple conversation.” As a side note, are there really people who need this class? And if someone is so inept that they can’t carry on a “simple conversation,” is one class going to help? January 16 at the Curtis Hotel, $45.
“DBJ Book of Lists Awards Luncheon” — Register here to attend the Denver Business Journal’s annual luncheon celebrating its Book of Lists. “Generation Why?” expert Eric Chester keynotes. January 24 at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, $70.
“True Spin Conference” —  Register here to attend the conference that brings together “flacks from progressive advocacy groups around the country to exchange ideas and learn new and creative PR tactics.” January 31-February 1 at the Curtis Hotel, $350.

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