BusinessWire: Lost in MySpace?

BusinessWire is sponsoring a free Webinar (Friday, Jan. 25, at 11 a.m.) on how to apply Web 2.0 tactics to press releases. According to BusinessWire, “You’ll learn how to ‘Digg’ your releases (and if you even should), how to save them on, and get them into an RSS feed — all in the quest of maximizing Google juice.” Get more information and register here

The “Broomfield Chamber Serving Broomfield and the Greater Broomfield Area” Was Their Second Choice

“The Chamber Serving the Broomfield Area” has officially changed its name to “the Broomfield Chamber of Commerce” to, in the words of its president Jennifer Kerr, “make it more identifiable as a Broomfield organization.” Local print shops specializing in business cards and letterhead reportedly applauded the brilliant decision.