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2010 Denver PR Predictions – Kate Wilson
January 15, 2010, 6:00 am
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By Kate Wilson
Public Relations Manager
CIGNA HealthCare

  1. In this continued tough economy, smart companies will double down on ridding themselves of waste and inefficiencies by embracing technology, and taking their ‘direct-to-consumer’ discussion online with the communications department running the show.
  2. Some level of health reform WILL pass causing changes in way companies look at their benefits; including: how their benefits can improve the productivity and health of their employees, as well as help recruit and retain top talent.
  3. Mobile applications will be further integrated into business, empowering consumers to choose applications (and companies) that will make their lives easier.   Expect health companies to move more aggressively into the mobile information market.
  4. Social media will change individual’s jobs, work habits, possibly creating new roles or revamping current roles, resulting in more business staff fully committed to their online customer service and reputation management.
  5. Relationship-building will be integral in securing media coverage and partnership opportunities for our companies and clients.  While there are fewer available traditional media outlets and “news holes” to fill, there is a larger, interconnected, online network; and it’s imperative that we bring information that’s of value to our media friends.
  6. “Website” will finally be ONE word and the Ohio State Buckeyes will win a national championship.

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Spot on! Great job on this, Kate!

Comment by Sallie

well said, friend

Comment by Kristy Bassuener

I’m all for making life easier, making Website one word, and experiencing your over-the-top joy and excitement when the Buckeyes take it all!

Comment by Gina Seamans

And the Buckeyes WILL win. And the world will see joy and excitement like they’ve never seen. Okay, they’ve seen it before, as I have. Nonetheless, it will be incredible.

Comment by Kate Wilson

Your comments are right on, Kate. Thank you for bringing more clarity to our future. And, as a Buckeye born and raised, I say, GOOOOO Bucks! OSU will bring us another championship much like they did vs. Oregon!

Comment by Cherie Orwig

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