2010 Denver PR Predictions – Ef Rodriguez

By Ef Rodriguez
Emerging Media Account Executive
Turner Public Relations

The AP Stylebook will send someone to break my wrists as a means of ending my indefatigable campaign to rid the world of the two-word variant of “website.” My friends, “Web site” is simply wrong, and the shadowy AP conspirators know it.

I will kickstart my graffiti career by sneaking into GroundFloor’s offices and scrawling an artful manifesto onto the walls. I will end said manifesto with “###” because I take PR standards pretty seriously.

I will meet you for coffee, where we’ll discover we have loads in common. Same industry, same thoughts on social media, friends in common, equally attractive (i.e., hot like a feverish volcano). But our budding romance will wither away when you discover I’m not a member of PRSA.

In a rare moment of lucidity, we’ll all realize that social media or emerging media or new media or digital media or whatever media will make a fool of some and a pharaoh of others. We’ll realize that learning how to use it (instead of merely trumpeting that you’re an expert without any tangible evidence) will inform, empower and vivify our silly goose of an industry. This rare moment will be fleeting, mind you. Many of us will shudder seconds afterward and go back to business as usual. But not everyone will do so. For those of you who look forward to that 2010 moment, understand that I’m right there with you. Holding your hand and eating some bundt cake.

I still won’t take you seriously. Nor will I take myself seriously. Let’s dance forever.

14 thoughts on “2010 Denver PR Predictions – Ef Rodriguez

    1. No worries Amy, I’m planning a PRSA intervention for Efrem (I’ve already made a few threats on Twitter). We’ll get him on of these days! Bwahahahaha!

  1. I can’t wait to see who the fools and pharoahs will be this year. And, you do take some things deeply seriously, including Izze. Always trying to be the Cool Kid, you are. Entertainment and honesty are such a good combo, Ef.

  2. Ef, I can now end this work week on a high note. Once again, you’ve put me at ease. I thoroughly enjoyed your writing and wit. I feel calm knowing that you are sustained by coffee and bundt cake. I’m relieved that your graffiti career will begin — and hopefully end — at GFM. I’m thankful that you will hold my hand.


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