2010 Denver PR Predictions – Jon Pushkin

By Jon Pushkin
Pushkin Public Relations

Media will pledge to stop being manipulated by phony stories and egomaniacs looking for their 15 minutes of fame. They will promise to stop following philanderers around and decide to devote their meager resources to actual news. They will decide to salvage the sliver of professional pride they have left and be journalists again. They will decide to go for substance and ban the use of the words “reality TV.”  They will give us the news, not the bearded lady.

Public relations will continue to evolve. In 2009, we became the reporters, editors and producers. In 2010, we will continue the metamorphosis as more news is delivered through blogs, tweets, videos and other short bursts of information. Former journalists will continue going into PR, so eventually we will become the media and the media will become us.

Although I was wrong about this prediction last year, I will try it again until I get it right. Public relations will take on a new and enhanced role in Colorado and nationally. PR pros will craft and communicate important messages promoting commitment, teamwork, sacrifice and tolerance to all Americans. Propaganda and partisan bickering will fade away and be replaced by a new spirit of hope, innovation and confidence that will spur economic recovery and restore America’s reputation in the world community.

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