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2010 Denver PR Predictions – GG Johnston
January 13, 2010, 10:30 am
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By GG Johnston

Public relations will continue to lead the way in teaching organizations how to build relationships. In 2010, more executives in the C-suite will pay attention.
In one year, there has been more change in the nature of how companies relate and engage with their stakeholders than even the best predictions led us to believe. We choose where and when we get our information through online news sites and RSS feeds, we fast forward through commercials as we watch TV through the DVR filter, we’re on no-call lists and we want to be entertained at every turn. It’s becoming harder, and more annoying, to cram “messages” down the throats of the people companies want to support them. So, it’s back to the basics. Get to know, understand and appreciate what your employees, customers, clients and stakeholders care about. Then, genuinely engage them in ways that are meaningful to everyone.

The paradox of vast openness and micro-segmentation will change everything – even more.
The power surge in user-generated content means there’s so much more to know about the people who matter to companies and then, tread wisely. Once you get to know someone, you have a responsibility to use what you know to either enhance the relationship or let it wither. Making sense of the abundance of data we have about individuals and groups will require new skills and strategies. Organizations must make decisions about who matters most because engagement will become more targeted and refined. So will resources.

The generation gaps will continue to converge with the technology divides. These imbalances in companies will create enough pain to force deeper changes in the way we communicate.
Don’t worry, it’s all good. Sometimes, pain is the only way to convince executives and shareholders to change. There’s been talk about how Boomers are leaving the workplace and taking the intellectual capital with them, but few organizations are taking serious steps to address all the generational shifts and the impact they’re having on the marketplace. With five generations in the workplace and technology shifts happening weekly, it’s serious business to find the gaps and divides and shore them up before your stakeholders do.

GG Johnston serves on the boards of PRSA Colorado, the Denver Metro Chamber Leadership Foundation and Friends of Manual.

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Right on, GG. To add to your excellent comments: I believe successful organizations will–and must–regain the public trust in 2010. Whether in healthcare or banking or high-tech, and politics, the pubic will accept only truthful relationships.

Comment by Cherie Orwig

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