2010 Denver PR Predictions – Sydney Ayers

By Sydney Ayers
Ayers PR

The world as we know it is in transition. There has been a change in government, a revolution in technology, an increase in environmental concern and an erosion of trust.  Most importantly, there has been a major shift in where financial power is held. No longer is Wall Street in charge. Washington, D.C. now controls our financial fate.

The result for public relations counselors is an economic reality that has forced our clients to recalibrate. Now more than ever, they are looking to their public relations firms to bring them big ideas – ones that move beyond the expected and into the innovative. Social media certainly is one part of that equation but it is not the only solution available. Smarter and more modern ways of using traditional media must also be considered.

So many firms and practitioners have been focused on surviving this last year but “survival” equals “slow death” in this environment. In 2010, it will be imperative for us to connect with our clients as never before. Serving as a trusted business advisor, we must strive to become a client’s breaking news portal, to be proactive in communications, to manage results and not time, to synchronize with client rhythms and to set new standards for responsiveness. All are required in order for us to take the place at the table that is rightfully ours.

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