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2010 Denver PR Predictions – Eric Anderson
January 8, 2010, 6:00 am
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By Eric Anderson

Top 10 PR predictions for 2010

10. CBS4 Assignment Editor Misty Montano’s Twitter followers exceed total CBS4 viewership.

9. Denver TV news station hires first anchor who hasn’t actually finished high school yet.

8. Colorado public official sends minute-by-minute tweets revealing content of closed-door executive session.

7. Westword becomes insert placed inside weekly 60-page medical marijuana advertising circular.

6. Inspired by Mad Men, communications professionals try drinking at lunch only to discover that when they sleep at their desk they drool on important papers.

5. New LinkedIn app lets bosses monitor satisfaction of employees based on how often they update their profiles or trade recommendations. (More updates/recommendations=employee is desperate to escape.)

4. Breakthrough electronic format allows men to comfortably read online news in the bathroom. Paper newspapers begin final death spiral. Women report not seeing husbands for days at a time.

3. Peter Boyles loses last shred of credibility. (Oh, wait, that already happened.)

2. Pulitzer committee admits error, retroactively gives Public Service award to Glendale Cherry Creek Chronicle for two-part investigative series on cougar bars.

1. Jeremy Story figures out why Penny Parker keeps ignoring his pitches.

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Brilliant Eric!

Comment by Brian Olson

One more 2010 prediction: Brian Olson gets a large check from SE2. 🙂

Comment by Eric Anderson

Very funny. A very astute observation of what Pete Boyles has become.

Comment by Terry Graves

Sad but true. Did you see the photo of Boyles posing with Shotgun Willie’s dancers in the Glendale Cherry Creek Chronicle?

Comment by Eric Anderson

You might be right about old Pete. But, I am not sure how you come to that decision about his credibility. Have a sit down with old Pete and talk about it. Love to hear how he lost his credibility.

Comment by Bob Williamson

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