WSJ: Magazines Brace for ‘Extended Advertising Slump’

Magazines saw their newsstand sales fall “at their fastest rate in decades during the second half of 2008,” according to the Wall Street Journal. The decline foreshadows “a likely downsizing of the industry as it braces for an extended advertising slump.”

2 thoughts on “WSJ: Magazines Brace for ‘Extended Advertising Slump’

  1. I found it ironic that the current issue of Time, with the cover story being the future (or lack thereof) of newspapers is about as thin as a brochure.

  2. Just read the latest issue of Glamour and they are trying SO hard to stay relevant – finding a balance between high fashion and prices that real women can actually afford. Continued work for us is to help clients better understand that the value of an O Magazine hit may not be what it used to be anymore.

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