Bjorkman’s 15 Minutes Not Quite Up

Ernie Bjorkman may have had a bigger audience in the past month as a vet tech than he had in his final six months as an anchor with KWGN/Channel 2. First, the New York Times profiled him as the face of what is happening to experienced (i.e. old and expensive) anchors, then 20/20 jumped on the bandwagon. Now, he will be appearing on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” (with Ted Danson) this Wednesday (3 p.m. on KUSA/Channel 9). So what does Bjorkman think of all this? He tells the Denver Post’s Bill Husted, “Getting fired has landed me more publicity than anything I’ve ever done in 26 years in Denver.”

2 thoughts on “Bjorkman’s 15 Minutes Not Quite Up

  1. Not my real name…as a long time friend of the Bjorkman’s I know that Ernie used to spend up to $300 on a pair of shoes from his clothing budgets. He made $250,000 and was paid his entire contract when he RETIRED. He was not fired…he RETIRED! He prepared for this retirement by going to vet tech school for 3 years…it was totally planned. Why is he going around lying about all this? Did his wife put him up to it? They just look stupid. Obviously he doesn’t realize that!

  2. I used to work with Bjorkman at Channel 2 and know that all of this info he’s putting out there is false. What is his objective? He does look really stupid, both for appearing all over and for his mishandling of the hundreds of thousands of dollars he’s made over the 30 years here. What a dope.

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