24 thoughts on “9News’ Nick Carter Latest Media Casualty

  1. Very disappointed to see Nick go. Very classy guy, talented and here’s to VFR conditions in your future.

  2. the loss of nick carter is shortsighted and dumb.
    you hsve hired two new meterologists, becky and
    ashton, and they could go tomorrow and noone would
    miss them, but nick? he brought elegance and
    measured reporting during some very difficult times. and he was a part of the team, a great part.

  3. Although many things and people have chenged in the twenty some years I have been watching 9 news, the one thing I could count on was the face, personality, and professionalism of Nick Carter and to see that he is the one chosen not to re-new on his contract to me shows a lack of being in tune with your audience. Tough times are one thing, but there were other meteorologists that don’t have the professionalism or the heart for the job that Nick has. I hope it doesn’t affect the way I feel of the news cast as a whole, but there aren’t any guarantees. Nick you will be missed.

  4. I just heard Nick Carter will no longer be on the 9 news team. It is hard to believe he was the one chosen to leave. He is the only weather person I look forward to seeing. Don’t know if they drew straws to see who got the axe, but seems like the one with the roots should stay. It will be a great loss for 9 news. I wish him well.

  5. Here is a guy who worked his rear off for 9 news and in my opinion was always the one who got the crappy assignments over the years since his temporary medical leave a while back. He was not in to the lights and show. He is truely a top notch weather man. Hope to see him on a denver channel soon.

  6. Shame on 9 news for giving Nick Carter the boot. He was always so friendly, responsible, and obviously talented. Why wasn’t one of the newer weather reporters laid off instead? What a sad day for 9 News. It might get worse for you if people decide to turn the channel. I will be one of them.

  7. Thanks for the link… the layoffs at KUSA have gotten a lot of attention not just in Denver, but across the country. People like Nick Carter and Bob Kendrick (Bob’s a friend) are talented and dedicated, and will be hard to replace.

    Mark Joyella

  8. I miss Nick already. I think Ashton and Becky are nice looking but basically that is it. Nick had experience, personality and professionalism. He will be greatly missed and 9news has made a very telling decision about what direction it is going. Cheap and inexperienced is not going to replace what we have lost. A very bad decison on 9new’s part.

  9. I want Nick back! I missed his last day and I have been trying to get answers as to where Nick went. Then I found this web site. What a shame! I have been checking all of the 9 News broadcasts to see if he just changed times. Maybe you will change your mind and beg him back, his years of experience of Denver weather cannot and will not be replaced. Offer him a job of just covering special weather news part time at least. PLEASE.

  10. maybe you should axe all local news….and keep the world news…local news is a waste of time…it is the same news 24 hours a day…nothing significant happens in Metro-Denver and Denver…it is worst than East Coast News! At least in the East, you have intelligent people reporting!

    1. Hi Mary Ellen
      Who made YOU “GOD”? Here is an advice “IF YOU dont like the news channel you are watching then change the channel Dont judge the book by the cover if you think you can do a better job in news casting then YOU APPLY FOR THE JOB. Until you get a degree in NEWS CASTING Keep your mouth shut NOT everybody is purfect we all make miatakes in our time

  11. I totally agree with everyone that 9News may a huge mistake! I hate to see anyone lose their job, but, come on, Nick had been a loyal employee for 24 years. A complete professional even in his remark that “it was just my time.” I saw him on FOX the other night. I sure hope that is a good place for him and he’s happy.

  12. I so miss Nick Carter and his quick wit, I watch 9 news most of the time and I think Becky Ditchfield does not have the elgance and the knowledge that Nick has. It’s hard to see older people go and have them replaced with people that are younger and less experience. BRING BACK OUR NICK

  13. I agree with comments in favor of Nick. He was very loyal to your station and it’s unfair that he was dumped. Ashton and Becky don’t compare to Nick. The station has made a big mistake.

  14. Not one other weather reporter does the job Nick Carter does. He is the best. We have relied on him for years. Hard to believe 9 News would let him go….. We’ll be watching Fox 31 News. Thanks Fox! We were really happy to see Nick again!

  15. I was so sad to see Nick Carter leave 9 News after 24 years of being faithful to Channel 9. He was always there to fill in for others. I was a faithful viewer of Channel 9 but no more – since I discovered him on Fox 31, that’s what I watch every night and morning now. Thanks to Nick for being such an upright citizen!

  16. I absolutely love Nick Carter! I have stopped watching 9 news altogether becuase of this. All the best to you, Nick. ❤

  17. Well, Channel 9 is cleaning house again. They keep getting things backwards, giving the Good people the boot and keeping the people who would panic in the middle of a room full of people. I would trust Nick’s forecast of the weather any day rather than the other weather people on Channel 9. First Mike Nelson got the boot, now Nick is gone. Pretty soon, Channel 9 weather report will just say, if you want to see what the weather might be, go outside and look for yourself. I have talked with Nick at several functions and the professional that is on screen is also a professional in person. Good luck Nick and I have started to watch Fox now for my news and weather.

  18. It would seem most all media news shows are going with women in front of the tube. Even when a man has more years at it the news show keeps the woman instead. The only one that seems to be keeping his job is mike nelson, but than I would like to see them get rid of him. He has more years in the field and more people watch him and like him. So is it that they want the boobs and good looking face in front of the tube

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