Great Moments in Search Engines

One of the most interesting parts of publishing this blog is seeing the search-engine queries that bring people here. Here is a list of some of my (verbatim) favorites from this week:

  • who does libby weaver hair
  • steve silvers gambling ring
  • adele arakawa net worth
  • deborah sherman swinger
  • katy sabin and drew soicher screwed
  • what is the difference between a pr person and a lobbyist
  • libby weaver bra

DBJ Launches ShopWatch Retail/Restaurant Blog

If you have restaurants or retail stores as clients, you should know about ShopWatch, a relatively new Denver Business Journal blog that is written/edited by Boots Gifford. The blog covers “openings and closings of restaurants and retail stores, relocations, and major business strategy changes like remodels and major reworking of product offerings.” Don’t bother pitching minor menu additions or holiday “specials.”