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Few Denver PR Agencies Are Walking the Walk
March 8, 2008, 3:16 pm
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The amount of lip service public relations agencies give to new media, social media, Web 2.0, etc., is stunning. It seems you can’t sit through a pitch these days without listening to agencies explain how “critical it is to connect directly — and unfiltered — with your target audiences.” 

So we thought it might be interesting to examine how many Denver PR agencies practice what they preach even at the most basic levels. What we found surprised us. Of the 32 agencies we checked, only seven had blogs, and even those seven had great disparities in how often posts appeared and how easy it was to find their blogs. So here is the honor roll:

  • Pure Brand — 45 posts to its blog since January 1. We found this blog to be the most varied and interesting, with a lot of quick hits on a number of PR and advertising issues.
  • Schenkein — 25 posts since January 1. The Schenkein blog disappeared for a while, but was resuscitated by Elaine Ellis at the end of January. Since then, it has made a strong showing.
  • Story + Welch — 21 posts since January 1. We found this to be the smartest blog, with a lot of analysis about business issues (not just PR issues). But mixed in with those lengthier pieces are some amusing quick hits.
  • Metzger — 19 posts since January 1. Originally, we missed Metzger’s blog because it isn’t linked from the agency’s Web site (or if it is, we still haven’t found it), but fortunately a reader emailed us the URL. 
  • GBSM — 8 posts since January 1. For GBSM, we counted Steven Silver’s Scatterbox blog, which offers an array of opinions on topics that interest Silvers ranging from elder care to HBO’s Inside the NFL. Our only complaint is how infrequently he posts.
  • JohnstonWells — 6 posts since January 1. A mix of JW and industry news, it is not uncommon for the blog to go almost a month without a new post. 
  • GroundFloor Media — 3 posts since January 1. The GFM blog offers updates (albeit sparingly) on interesting firm and client projects.

Steven Silvers/GBSM had already found his way into our blogroll, but we will be adding the blogs from Pure Brand, Schenkein, Story + Welch and Metzger because of their commitment to blogging frequently on interesting topics.

NOTE: Post updated 3/9/2008 @ 1:04 p.m. 

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Thanks for including our blog – Emerging West – in your post. We agree that regular posting is important (and, admittedly, we can do better).

But even more important than quantity of posts is having a point of view and blogging on unique topics. We counsel our clients that a thoughtful blog post or two each week is a good minimum and we aim to keep pace with that in 2008.

Cheers, Darby – JohnstonWells

Comment by Darby

LOVE that you guys did this. Not only because we performed well, but because you’ve raised this as an important issue for the Denver PR community.

PR and digital media are quickly becoming one in the same. Even traditional journalist outreach can now be done online by creating a news room on your website and/or a corporate blog (if it makes sense) and then using SEO to make sure it’s being found when journalists start researching their articles. News rooms and blogs are favorites of Google’s algorithm due to their multiple links, relevant content, and regular updates.

Would love to see you perform this same analysis every quarter, and then compare the results to see which agencies are making improvements.

Of course, as Darby from JW stated, its not all about quantity. So you’ll need to continue checking for helpful, interesting content.

We, too, advise our clients that 2-3 posts per business week is fine. First, be helpful, then be updated. (And always strive for both!) –Ken, Pure

Comment by Ken Barber

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