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Who is Behind the Denver PR Blog, Part II
November 21, 2008, 6:11 am
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Okay, it’s me. A few of you knew that; most of you didn’t. To those who did know, thanks for keeping the secret. And to those who didn’t know, thanks for not asking around too much. Secrets like this rarely keep long.

I started the Denver PR Blog because there was a vacuum of PR information in Denver, due in part to the shrinking business sections in the Denver Post and Rocky Mountain News. Many of us wanted to know what was going on in Denver’s PR community, but only knew what we heard around town at lunches or various PR events. My goal with the blog was to aggregate and disseminate Denver PR news and rumors for everyone’s consumption. And to do it with enough of an edge that it stayed interesting.

I kept the blog anonymous because I thought intrigue would drive traffic, which it has done. In fact, the growth has astounded me. I started it less than a year ago, and in that time it has grown from 150 hits a month to more than 14,000 a month. I have done nothing to promote it other than exchange a few links; the growth has been organic, driven entirely through word-of-mouth by you. And I thank you for that.

So, now, the next evolution of the blog will begin, and I hope that it will contain many more voices than just mine. Thanks for reading. 

Jeremy Story

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I thought it may have been Dan, but I would have never pegged you Jeremy. Even though I’m not in the Denver PR world, I think this site is interesting way to keep up with the gossip. With the mystique gone you’ll have to allow anonymous guest columnists.

Comment by B Kolonick

Jeremy, In the age of “transparency,” it’s great to have a face behind the Denver PR Blog name. I look forward to hearing more from you!

Comment by Kim

Nicely done, Jeremy.

Comment by Steven "Steve" Silvers

It was delightful to meet you the other day. I wish we’d had more time to discuss anonymity and snark.


Comment by Efrem Rodriguez

Being one of the “suspected” – even I was shocked to learn that it was Jeremy until just recently. Ya think you know someone 🙂

Comment by Melissa Hourigan

First Deep Throat, now this. What ever happened to annomymity? Oh yeah, the damn Internet.

Comment by Bjorn Olafson

Looking back, this is a good reason why I was thrown off:

“Among those hiring this week are Crocs, Catapult, Arapahoe Library District, Denver 2008 Convention Host Committee, Passantino Andersen Communications, Western Resource Advocates and the Cleveland Clinic (yes, the one in Cleveland. No, we’re not sure why its being advertised here either.)”

Bastard, you know I left denver to go to Cleveland Clinic and was just utilizing Hudson to try and pull back some midwest talent. And, BTW, The Cleveland Clinic ranked #1 for Heart Care for the 14th straight year. Shameless, I know..

Comment by B Kolonick

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