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If You Have a PR Blog and You Read Only One Blog Post This Year, Make it This Scatterbox One
April 24, 2008, 6:37 pm
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Last month we examined the contradiction between the lip service many PR agencies give to new media tools and their use (or lack thereof) of the most prominent of those tools – the blog. While the results were interesting, they only offered a simplistic quantitative snapshot. What went unexamined was the qualitative aspect. Today, Steven Silvers of Scatterbox fame offered a brilliantly simple post that cuts right to the heart of the quality of blog posts. The Cliffsnotes version: posting vapidity frequently doesn’t get you anywhere. 

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Blah Blah Nation: PR people promote the value of blogging by boring potential clients to death….

Every minute, another PR agency announces that it has launched a new social media department to help clients leverage the amazing power of the blogosphere. Many of these companies and practices publish their own blogs to help develop new business…

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