One thought on “DBJ Launches New Blog

  1. Denver Business Journal is not a bad paper but reporter/graphic artist Boots Gifford is bad news. I met Gifford when she was editor of the Estes Park Trail Gazette. She had written a factually inaccurate story involving a federal district court case involving me and some of her friends. She failed to obtain the my side of the story, something any reputable journalist does. Not only that, but when I asked her to listen to it, she said, “I’m not willing to do that.” Gifford also inaccurately reported on the findings of the federal district court, failing to contact the court to check what the findings actually were. Instead, she reported what her friends wanted her to, which was far from the truth. According to John Cordsen, current editor of the Trail Gazette, Gifford was fired for using a newspaper to help her friends and hurt their enemies. She is not fit to be a journalist and makes all journalists look bad because of her reckless disregard for the truth.

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