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Great Moments in Search Engines
December 1, 2011, 4:06 pm
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One of the most interesting parts of publishing this blog is seeing the search-engine queries that bring people here. Here is a list of some of my (verbatim) favorites from this week:

  • who does libby weaver hair
  • steve silvers gambling ring
  • adele arakawa net worth
  • deborah sherman swinger
  • katy sabin and drew soicher screwed
  • what is the difference between a pr person and a lobbyist
  • libby weaver bra

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That pretty much says it all.

Comment by Eric Anderson

Don’t be surprised. These are all relevant questions. Good thing that some of them are answered in your blog…

Comment by Randy Blauvelt

Zing … By my count, I’ve had posts relevant to two of the seven queries (three if you replace “Steve Silvers” with “Steve Sander” in the gambling one. Steve Silvers can’t be happy people aren’t smart enough to know the difference between the two of them).

Comment by denverprblog

Well, that explains the call I got from someone named Lenny the Snake asking for juice on the Tebow line. I thought it was you.

Comment by Steven Silvers

Oh, come on Jeremy: we know you’ve got the real scoop on most of us in town. Give it up brother. We know Anderson’s wearing a rug and Silvers is Tebow’s PR guy..question is who is representing the Sheriff?

Comment by Brad Bawmann

I’m pretty sure if one of them is wearing a rug, it’s Silvers, not Anderson.

Comment by denverprblog

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