You Can’t Spell ‘Sinister Evil Plot’ Without ‘PR’

Are ethically challenged former journalists corrupting us virtuous public relations practitioners? And are political campaign-style dirty tricks becoming more commonplace in corporate public relations campaigns? Journalist Tom Foremski investigates scratches the surface.

UPDATE: GroundFloor Media’s Gil Rudawsky, a former Rocky Mountain News editor, argues that “all of us in PR will pay for (the Facebook/Google/Burson debacle) with a sustained black eye and a loss of credibility.”

2 thoughts on “You Can’t Spell ‘Sinister Evil Plot’ Without ‘PR’

  1. “It’s a common practice by companies to try to get journalists to write stories that are unfavorable to a rival.”

    I can honestly say that after doing PR for more than 10 years, I have never tried to get a journalist to write an unfavorable story about a competitor.

  2. The PRSA Code of Ethics requires transparency. PR counselors should always disclose who they are representing. As can be seen with the Facebook, Burson debacle, it hurts the credibility of the PR firm and the client to do otherwise.

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