Volume PR Sues Medical Marijuana Client

Goddamn pot-smoking hippies. There’s always money for a dime bag or a can of Pringles, but ask them to pay an invoice and its all, “Dude, chillax. We’ll hook you up when we can.” Or maybe it’s not like that at all. I’m just guessing based on the lawsuit filed against Greenway University by Denver’s Volume PR, parent company of the nation’s “first and only business development and public relations firm exclusively focused on the medical marijuana industry.” If you are interested, the case was filed in Denver County (#11CV1119).

Denver PR Jobs

Among those hiring this week are the Boulder Jewish Community Center, Colorado Christian University, the Colorado Hospital Association, Eaton Corporation, EBags, Jeppesen, onTarget Jobs, Outreach United Resource Center, The American Herbal Products Association, Ubee Interactive, Waste Management, Xcel Energy, KRDO NewsChannel 13 (Colorado Springs), and the University of the Rockies (Colorado Springs).

Dovetail Supporting UCH’s Expansion PR

The team at Dovetail Solutions is handling the public relations for the University of Colorado Hospital’s groundbreaking ceremony to celebrate its $400 million expansion. The expansion will include a second inpatient 12-story tower, increased patient care facilities to the Anschutz Cancer Pavilion and new parking structures for patients, visitors and employees. The entire project is scheduled to be complete by 2013.