Free Interactive Marketing Seminar for Non-profits

Denver-based interactive marketing agency Location3 Media is hosting a free educational seminar for local non-profits in May. The three-hour workshop will help non-profits learn how to use paid and organic search, social media and web analytics to gain exposure, donations and volunteers. The event is limited to 50 individuals. More information is available here.

2 thoughts on “Free Interactive Marketing Seminar for Non-profits

  1. I see a lot of “social media or interactive marketing for nonprofit” events. While all of us in the nonprofit world are happy for extra helping hands, and I applaud this and other companies for reaching out into the community – I do have a couple cents to toss in. Nonprofit communicators aren’t clueless about the Internet being “an invaluable tool to drum up support.”

    The majority of nonprofit communicators are extremely well educated on these topics. What lacks in most cases isn’t “fundamental knowledge,” it’s the staff to take advantage of all the relevant opportunities out there, and the resources to measure those efforts in the smartest possible way.

    Here’s an additional thought: Ask a nonprofit what they most need. Talk to a group that you or your company work closely with or want to support. Some may need help narrowing down the field of interactive and social media options to create an effective strategy for their audience. Others need help with implementation. Still others could use a measurement tool that meets the specific needs of nonprofits – many tools available are tailored to for-profit companies and publicly traded entities. Therefore they cost too much and don’t provide what’s really needed for groups to measure their success and demonstrate value to donors, trustees, stakeholders.

    What nonprofit do you know of that has a great social media presence that we can all learn from?

    1. Social media can be a little IFFY. Some people make money from doing it, others, including myself are currently having a hard time making it show real results.

      I HIGHLY recommend my mentor, Fred Gleeck, to all of you aspiring marketers out there.
      He has been marketing and selling information products for 25+ years. He’s the author of over 15 books, including “Selling Information”. He’s the RIGHT and the BEST guy in this field. I HIGHLY recommend his services. He helped me a lot, so will he help you!

      Visit this site to find MORE helpful and important information, it’s: Do NOT hold back. Here’s the start of a new career for you.

      Cheers to your success!

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