2010 Denver PR Predictions – Jeff Julin

By Jeff Julin
President, MGA Communications

  • It will still be economy, economy, economy and budgets will be tight. Creating public relations programs
    with value tied to productivity and profitability will be critical.
  • Social media will not be all the rage, it will be required. Social media is becoming an integral part of most programs and will join the other list of public relations tactics expected from our profession. The focus for this next phase needs to be on developing organizational social media engagement policies, clear integrated strategies and measurement processes linked to business goals.
  • Mobile technology is moving to center stage in communication. Speed and true 24/7 connectivity and will create incredible opportunities for developing and enhancing relationships with our target audiences. The smart use and development of applications will be a valuable capability to add to our public relations arsenal.
  • In-person exchanges, special events, community meetings, etc. are not becoming obsolete, but rather more important, in part, because of the wide-spread use of technology. We need to use both wisely.
  • User-generated content is foundational to the internet. However, actions like the FTC rule requiring bloggers to reveal when they have been paid in some way for blogging about a product or company may start a trend toward more transparency and validation about information posted on the web. Perhaps there is a future for editors, let’s hope so.
  • Online advertising is no longer about a simple click through. There will be increasing incentives offered to motivate people to click on the ad. Coupons anyone?
  • Survey Monkey is making everyone a researcher – public relations/ communications professionals should become the gate keepers of the validity of the information.

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