CABJ Campaigns to Save Bertha Lynn’s Job

KMGH/Channel 7 anchor Bertha Lynn may be the next high-profile Denver television anchor to get the boot. Colorado Association of Black Journalists President (and 850 KOA executive producer) Amani Ali sent an urgent – and passionate – letter to members yesterday asking members to contact KMGH management because the station “is making a concerted effort to terminate the employment of Bertha Lynn” who “has excelled in spite of being taken off of the prime time anchor desk, moved around, and disrespected while being subjected to intolerable working conditions.” You can read the full letter here.

8 thoughts on “CABJ Campaigns to Save Bertha Lynn’s Job

  1. I really hate to see the race card played. I don’t understand what being black has to do with it. Wasn’t a white longtime weatherguy at Chanel 9 just let go recently? Was there an uproar about that?

    It’s interesting the letter stated her pay has been cut numerous times but also mentioned she has kept quiet about it. If she really has kept quiet, how would they have learned about her pay cuts? Didn’t she work at Channel 9 before Channel 7? Did she jump then, or was she pushed? Isn’t TV viewership going down year after year? That means less ad money, less money for salaries. Pay cuts are happening all over — even at KOA, where the letter writer works. Welcome to today’s reality. It has nothing to do with being black.

  2. What an interesting and thought-provoking letter. She’s kept her silence? Really? Then how did this information get leaked?

    Ah, the trusty race card. How convenient and predictable. Has anyone considered the possibility that she might not be performing at the level that management might want for the salary she’s receiving?

    I’d also love to know what “intolerable working conditions” that Ms. Lynn is experiencing. Perhaps it’s that she’s being asked to actually work. If the conditions are “intolerable”, then why in the world does Lynn want to keep her job?

    All good questions.

  3. For the life of me I don’t see why race is being raised as an issue here. Goodness knows the list of anchors being relieved of their duties is long and extremely white.

    I wish Bertha continued success at KMGH but it seems being an anchor, here and elsewhere isn’t the most secure gig right now.

    The layoffs have been anything but discriminatory.

  4. This seems to be a case of the facts getting in the way of a good story. Amani has been a solid newsman in this town for a long time and I would like to think if he was reporting this story on KOA, he would have sought comment from Ch. 7. This is where I have a problem with user-generated content in that the checks & balances took place after the accusation was publicly made. It could very well be that Ch. 7 may not renew Bertha’s contract whenever it expires, but to make such a statement without fact-checking is highly irresponsible and dissapointing.

  5. Bertha Lynh has been on Denver TV since I moved here in 1981. Actually, I think I read she began reporting the news in 1976. She’s absolutely great!! If her contract isn’t renewed, I sure as heck would like to know why!! She’s been on TV for more than 34 years and look at her. . she looks positively wonderful. KEEP BERTHA! We love her.

  6. Why is it all the great ones get the boot and then TV Stations wonder why they lose viewers! Do not break if it broke TV managers!!

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