5 thoughts on “Heinous Blue Mustang Haiku Challenge

  1. A man lost his life creating something from nothing, to represent our city. It’s completed, in place, and unlike anything else in Colorado. It’s painted the colors of our football team and has a glowing feature. Poised and ready for action – it represents the wild west. Unless you’be created and paid for something better – stop complaining. Pick a topic like the economy which really matters, dig in and make a difference!

  2. I do believe the fact the artist lost his life making this monstrousity was an omen of things to come.

    It’s ugly, it’s scary and belongs at Elitch’s, not DIA.

    Congrats to those using the power of social media to alert the elitists in charge that we’re well, mad as hell. (You know the rest)

  3. It is magnificent! It is elemental. It straddles earth and aspires to the sky.
    In the tradition of all monumental sized horse statues, like that in San Marco square or Leonardo’s bronze giant, it doesn’t just aspire to greatness it manifests it. Iconic at a distance and unnerving up close. Get over it art haters. This is part of a great tradition of equestrian art. For those who find it scary, this is its truth… its depiction of elemental strength. It is pure horse!

  4. A woman tried using Haiku
    to write of horse which was blue.

    She didn’t save Denver
    But how well I remember

    Just how great that filly could screw.

    (Excuse me… limericks are best served a little naughty)

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