FedEx Crybabies Tattle on Opinionated PR Consultant

I’m sure the Vice President of Corporate Communications at FedEx takes some pride in living in Memphis, and I imagine he wasn’t thrilled to have a high-priced vendor consultant denigrate it. But he probably also is wondering why his communications staff has such low self-esteem (and so much free time) that they find it necessary to write a formal (and catty) rebuttal and email it to all the bigwigs at FedEx and Ketchum.

And one last thought: Don’t be stupid and tweet bad things about clients. You’d think a VP at a big agency would know better.

3 thoughts on “FedEx Crybabies Tattle on Opinionated PR Consultant

  1. Most loyal citizens of any city are sensitive about their city’s reputation. I don’t think it helped that the guy at Ketchum should have known better.

    Denver residents are the same way…they get edgy when it comes to being called a cow town and especially the mktg/pr/adv/design community in Denver gets way bent out of shape when they don’t get shown the respect of being in the same league as the NYCs and the LAs and the Chicagos and the Austins.

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