2009 PR Predictions

By Andrew Hudson
Andrew Hudson’s Jobs List

Random thoughts on 2009 trends for communications professionals

For those looking for a new job or simply managing their careers, my message is simple – make your career ‘recession proof’ by diversifying your skills. Go back to school and get an MBA if necessary, but you must dive in and embrace new communication trends that have become the new standards.

More and more jobs that come through my website are looking for professionals with multiple skills; innovators, leaders and risk takers and people who can effectively translate these skills into results.

Learn about business and understand how your skills and efforts through mass marketing and communications can help a company achieve its business goals. Understand the metrics that a company applies to its bottom line and work within those metrics to help progress a company’s business goals.  PR people can no longer be seen as a ‘nice addition’ but as an active partner that is relied on in measurable ways to help drive  revenues and sales.

PR professionals must also recognize that they are now fully in bed with their marketing peers and while there will continue to be niche areas of public relations that are important (crisis communications, media relations, training, etc.) for the average public relations practitioner, knowing how to reach mass markets through online social networking methods and other innovative technologies is now the expectation.

The recent presidential campaign was clear evidence of this.  Promoting and controlling your message by leap-frogging the traditional media and directly communicating and creating conversations with your audience through their email, twitter or Facebook account is the new standard. Also, along these lines, PR people need to embrace video production and editing in very substantial ways.   There is a new online video standard that I’m seeing in many of the jobs that come through www.andrewhudsonsjobslist.com.

For Denver PR people all of this will be critically important as we enter into new era of the ‘one-newspaper town.’ The Denver Post will become more relevant from an editorial side; politicians and their people will need to be developing stronger and more friendly relationships with the reporters and editors at the Denver Post.  There won’t be another newspaper to go screaming to if you feel you are treated unfairly by the Denver Post.

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