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The Perfect Marriage of Subject and Medium
December 9, 2008, 3:31 pm
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With all the reality TV shows peppering the airwaves these days, you knew it was only a matter of time before a PR agency became the backdrop for one. I always assumed that Lizzie Grubman would be the first reality PR star, but fashion PR guru Kelly Cutrone has instead won the honor. All of which leads me to wonder: Which Denver PR agency would make for the best reality show?

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I vote for Schenkein b/c they have had a mass lay-off and their CEO is leaving.

Comment by Anonymous

Lizzie actually did have the first PR show, on MTV called Power Girls back in 2004

Comment by crosby

So I was both prescient and ignorant, all at the same time. Welcome to my world.

– Jeremy

Comment by denverprblog

Regarding the above nomination of Schenkein for reality show of the year, as someone who has closely observed the agency’s culture, I suggest that their best bet for qualifying for a reality show would be a how-to program for PR newbies and professionals. Footage would show the agency’s high levels of talent and professionalism, as demonstrated by the outstanding results garnered for their clients.

Also, FYI “Anonymous”: The noun of “layoff” omits the hyphen. Check out this AP article.

Comment by Denva

Schenkein isn’t the only one with layoffs!

Comment by DenverPR

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