At Least Sakic Isn’t a Two-Time Nominee Like Griese

How tough are hockey players? Slightly less tough than snowblowers, it turns out. It is bad enough for Avalanche star Joe Sakic that he is out for the next three months with broken fingers and tendon damage, but adding insult to injury (literally) is that he now qualifies as a Denver Post finalist for Dumbest Professional Athlete Injury. From the Post Web site:

Denver Post Poll – Stupid Jock Tricks
Joe Sakic’s freak snowblower accident Tuesday is the latest in a line of less-than-stellar injury stories from Denver professional athletes. Which story do you think is the dumbest? 

  • Dog trips Brian Griese: The Broncos QB Brian Griese sprained his left ankle when he said one of his dogs knocked him down the stairs at home, in 2002.
  • Rockies Deer Meat: Shortstop Clint Barmes fell in his home in 2005 carrying a package of deer meat and broke his collarbone, causing him to miss three months.
  • Brandon Marshall’s McDonald’s Bag: The Broncos WR said he was wrestling with family in the offseason when he slipped on a wrapper, fell and severed his right forearm.
  • QB on Terrell Davis’ Driveway: While attending a party at Davis house in 2002, Griese trips on the driveway, is knocked out and suffers a black eye and chipped tooth.
  • Larry Walker Fishing Trouble: The Rockies all-star right fielder separated his right shoulder after the 1996 season. He was fishing in Canada and fell down a hill.
  • Mike Hampton’s Cheap Hotel Pillows: Former Rockies pitcher missed a start in 2001 because of a stiff neck, which he blamed on the pillows on his hotel bed.

Cactus Names COO

Times seem good for Cactus. The 40-person Denver advertising agency, which touts that it has doubled its revenue in the last two years and is approaching $20 million in client billings, has just named Michael Martelon COO. Martelon is a Denver native whose experience includes working with the Islands Of The Bahamas, Sheraton Hotels & Resorts, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, Caesars Entertainment and MacWorld Conference & Expo.