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IRS Begins Two-Month Move on April 14. Seriously.
April 17, 2008, 6:25 pm
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If you had to pick a time NOT to have the IRS move 800 employees into new offices in Denver, you would probably pick tax time. Not the IRS.

A ‘YourHub’ Masterstroke
April 17, 2008, 5:53 pm
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Water finds its own level, and apparently so does “journalism.” YourHub arrives at the perfect intersection of medium and message.

9News’ Soicher Calls Out Carmelo Anthony
April 17, 2008, 5:48 pm
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9News sports anchor Drew Soicher calls Carmelo Anthony out for his DUI arrest. Amazingly refreshing to see a hometown sports guy criticize a local sports hero rather than pander to him. 5280‘s Daniel Brogan has the details.

New York Times, Chicago Tribune Earnings Worry Wall Street
April 17, 2008, 5:33 pm
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The newspaper industry took a double hit today as The New York Times Company posted a Q1 loss — “one of the worst periods” the company has seen — and new Chicago Tribune Co. Chairman and CEO Sam Zell disclosed that revenues are down so far (double digits) this year that the company may be forced to sell newspapers and other properties

Despite the earnings news, at least Sam Zell is trying to keep things interesting.

Carmelo Plays Musical Chairs with Marketing Reps
April 17, 2008, 12:03 pm
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Denver Nugget star Carmelo Anthony is having a little trouble getting the love — and endorsements — that his NBA classmates LeBron James and Dwyane Wade get. While Wade has won an NBA championship and LeBron has taken his team to an NBA Finals series, Carmelo only seems to be able to top them in area of off-court incidents. There has been the recent DUI arrest, the Manhattan bar fight, the DIA marijuana incident, the anti-drug snitch video, the second marijuana incident, and the debacle against the New York Knicks when he threw a weak punch and then ran away like a scared kindergartner).

Like a lot of athletes and celebrities, though, Carmelo is looking to assign blame elsewhere. Taking the fall this time is his marketing firm BDA Sports, whom ‘Melo has fired and replaced (at least temporarily) with Theresa Tran of Tease Marketing.