2 thoughts on “Free PR Tip

  1. I think you’re making a mountain out of a mole hill. I could argue that it is intelligent to take some advice from a lawyer under the circumstances. I wouldn’t expect anything favorable to his position from the Post. Also I think you have a position on the subject and are defending it by criticizing the actions of the sheriff. The fact that the sheriff consulted with a lawyer is hardly a negative, it shows some good sense.

    1. Bill – Thanks for the comment. I think we’re actually on the same side of this issue. In my job, I consult with lawyers all the time and work behind-the-scenes to engage and mobilize my clients’ supporters.

      My issue is simply that we all should be aware that Denver Post reporters will be reading our emails if they are sent to public officials subject to CORA requests. And when we aren’t careful, articles like this one are the result.

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