Linhart, Webb Dominate 2010 ‘Gold Pick’ Agency Awards

If you see Sharon Linhart and Pete Webb at the Capital Grille today smoking cigars, swilling scotch and generally cackling like they own the town, there’s a reason: they were the big agency winners at last night’s PRSA Colorado Gold Pick Awards. Using the proprietary and highly sophisticated Denver PR Blog formula to determine which agencies fared best (two points for a gold, one point for a silver), the results are:

1. Linhart PR (10 points) – One grand gold, three gold, two silver
2. Pete Webb PR (9 points) – Three gold, three silver
3. Carmichael Lynch Spong (4 points) – Two gold
3. Pure (4 points) – Two gold
3. Philosophy (4 points) – One gold, two silver
6. Xstatic (3 points) – One gold, one silver
7. GroundFloor Media (2 points) – Two silver
7. Peri Marketing & PR (2 points) – Two silver
9. InView (1 point) – One silver
9. JDK – (1 point) – One silver
9. Vladimir Jones (1 point) – One silver

And congratulations to the Denver Art Museum, which if an agency would have placed third with 6 points (three gold). Also, congratulations to the big award winners:

• MGA’s Jeff Julin (Swede Johnson Lifetime Achievement Award)
• Pinnacol Assurance President & CEO Ken Ross (Business Person of the Year)
• Red Energy PR’s Amy Sufak (PR Person of the Year)
• Subaru’s Rachael Tucker Dorr (Joe Fuentes Rookie of the Year Award)
• Denver Art Museum (Nonprofit Award)
• Bonfil’s Julie Scott, Larimer Square’s Erika Sauerwein and Linhart’s Jennifer Tilliss (Chapter Service Awards)
• Applewood Plumbing & Heating/JKD (Small Business Award)
• Audubon Surgery Center/Vladimir Jones (Golden Spur Award)

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