PRSA Colorado’s ‘Business Person of the Year’ Threatens to Break KMGH/Channel 7 Reporter’s Finger

How’s this for irony: A week after accepting PRSA Colorado’s “Business Person of the Year” award at the organization’s annual awards gala, Pinnacol Assurance CEO Ken Ross (allegedly) had to be restrained from attacking KMGH/Channel 7 investigative reporter Tony Kovaleski and threatened to break the reporter’s finger.

The confrontation (allegedly) took place at the famed Pebble Beach resort in California, where Pinnacol was hosting a controversial junket for board members and its top sales brokers.

From KMGH/Channel 7:

Following a golf round on May 13, Kovaleski asked Johnson about whether it was appropriate for him to be on the trip.

“What do you think the governor is going to think about you taking this kind of golf with you and your wife,” Kovaleski was asking (Pinnacol board chairman Gary) Johnson when Ross interrupted and prevented the board member from answering.

Ross, on the 18th hole, seemed very agitated.

“You point your finger at me again, and I’m going to break it,” Ross said while pointing his finger at Kovaleski. He turned to the camera and demanded that it be turned off.

“This has nothing to do with Pinnacol,” Ross said.

“It doesn’t?” Kovaleski asked. “Then why did your employees let us know you were here? Why are your employees outraged? You are spending a lot of money on a trip and you have board members who are appointed by the governor.”

CALL7 Investigators were tipped of to the trip by a source who had information from inside Pinnacol.

Ross, who was being restrained by colleagues, surged at Kovaleski.

“Please, don’t push me,” Kovaleski said.